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June 29, 2017
Edition #53

The Great Hikes of Vancouver


We have updated and revised our eBook The Great Hikes of Vancouver just in time for summer.

Who is this book for? Whether you’re in town visiting for a few days, or a long time resident of Vancouver, this book is perfect for anyone looking for an introduction to hiking around Vancouver.

This book gives you all the safety tips and intel you need to know about hiking in B.C.. The Great Hikes of Vancouver gives you an insider’s view of the best local hikes, and everything you need to know to get outside and explore the B.C. wilderness!

Discover the top-ten hikes around Vancouver with turn-by-turn descriptions, overviews, hike stats, photos, and further resources.

Download your copy here. And until July 3, use promo code 'emailmember' for 50% off.

(Mostly) Local Outdoor News

1. 3 Teen Hikers Rescued on Burke Mountain. @Coq SAR
2. Hikers rescued from snow-covered mountain near Coquitlam. @News 1130
3. Black-bear sightings jump across B.C.. @Van Sun
4. Black bear and cubs killed in downtown Squamish. @The Chief
5. Pair of hikers carry out 40 lbs of other people's garbage. @CBC
6. Cold case searches revived with warmer weather. @CTV
7. Hikers eager to summit the Grouse Grind on opening day. @CTV
8. Vancouver man sets single-day Grouse Grind record. @Running Mag
9. Mother-daughter team traverses entire length of Coast Mountains. @CBC
10. Lynn Headwaters Access road to reopen in August. @Metro Van
11. Whistler waiver withstands test by severely injured mountain biker. @Van Sun
12. Finding one's place on the Juan de Fuca Trail. @Van Sun


Hiking Safety - A Quick Reminder

For the past 9 years, Outdoor Vancouver has been providing hiking, trail, and outdoor information for Vancouverites. Our aim has always been to encourage people to get outside, be active, and enjoy the spectacular nature we’re so lucky to have. And to do so in a safe manner. In recent years, social media platforms like Instagram have been a great tool beyond the website to connect with the outdoor community, share new finds, and further encourage people to explore the outdoors. And people are getting out more thanks to our ability to share these amazing places, which is fantastic! We need to get out and disconnect now more than ever. 

BUT. It also seems more people are turning to Instagram photos, picking a hike, and not doing proper research before actually heading out onto the trails. Or they’re looking at ‘list posts’ from popular websites which aren’t providing good information on the trails. More often than not, you can do this and not get into serious trouble. But you’re not stacking the odds in your favour. Hiking is inherently dangerous. People die and get injured in our local mountains every year. They get lost and hypothermic. They get caught in avalanches. They drown. They fall off precipices. 

If you're on this email list, you're probably not one of the unprepared ones. But we'd still like to take the opportunity to remind you to hike responsibly, and for you to encourage new hikers to do the same. The bottom line is, like any activity you do in your life, your safety is your own responsibility. You are responsible for the decisions you make on the trails, and for your own preparation (or lack of it).

There are countless resources on the web and at your library that will teach you the best practices for safe hiking. Our website has some safety basics and can point you in the right direction to learn more. 

New Guide - Nairn Falls

We posted a new guide for the beautiful Nairn Falls in Pemberton.

Nairn Falls Provincial Park is a great camping spot. The hike to the falls itself is an easy 3 km trek. A hike to Nairn Falls is the perfect outing if you’re camping in the park or passing between Whistler and Pemberton.

Check out the details here.

Current Gear Deals

Cabela's has a Canada Day weekend sale with up to 65% off and free shipping. Check it out here.

Hope everyone gets out and has a great Canada Day! Mind the heat and remember a lot of high-elevation hikes still have plenty of snow this year!

Until next month,


BC Bike Race
July 5 -13, 2017
5 Peaks - Cypress Mountain
July 15, 2017
Buckin' Hell
July 22, 2017

(Click for full events calendar)


  1. 16 Stunning Waterfalls Around Vancouver
  2. Admiralty Point Hike in Belcarra
  3. Nairn Falls Hike in Pemberton


  1. Dog Mountain (North Van)
  2. Lindeman Lake (Chilliwack)
  3. Eagle Bluffs (North Van)
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