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Vote Alex Johnson for GAGOP Chairman: Stop Wasting Money

Let's Focus on FUNDraising!

This is your Republican Party. And your Republican Party exists to ensure that our values, summarized in our party platform, are enacted through law: limited government, family values, personal responsibility, and lower taxes. This requires ensuring that the voters elect principled Republicans not just now, but for decades into the future.

We must get this message to new voters, young professionals, and diverse other groups that may not have traditionally voted our way. To do this, we must keep people informed, using technology, advertisement, and all means available. We need a strong infrastructure that focuses on volunteers, not favored consultants and contractors. That is why I am running for Georgia Republican Party Chairman. As Chairman, I will:

  1. Ensure party growth by educating new voters statewide on (1) how Republican values, enacted into law, help them and their communities, and (2) on the importance of being actively involved in the party;
  2. Work to support grassroots county parties by giving assistance, guidance, and support in advertising, community involvement, voter registration, and fundraising;
  3. Ensure that the party has the money and fundraising infrastructure to develop county-level efforts by showing donors that their money is going to good use: supporting Republican principles, and allocating money based on merit, not friendships and favoritism.

We must stop playing defense and go on the offense. We must be FOR something. We must fight for and recruit more voters, volunteers, and donors by supporting local parties in every community throughout the state. We must help county parties advertise events, and supply noteworthy speakers to get people involved and raise money. Our party must maintain our brand and educate voters on what is going on in politics, how to be involved in the party, and how our values help their lives. All of you in county parties have worked tirelessly to get more people involved, and deserve more than complacency from the state party. You deserve the support of the state party in creating an infrastructure and legacy that will last decades into the future and lead to true Republican victories.

Good Stewardship of Money

That legacy is threatened. It is being reported that under the previous chairman, the state party had close to a million dollars available for use after the 2012 presidential election, in contrast to the March 28, 2015 financial report, showing dangerously low funds currently available after the 2014 senatorial and gubernatorial races in Georgia.

We must raise money and be good stewards of money, not just rely on politicians for our financial and electoral success. And the money we raise must be spent on strengthening the grassroots infrastructure of our party: getting more people involved and engaged, getting Republicans elected, and holding them accountable once they are elected.

As Chairman, instead of spending money on a few favored vendors and consultants, we will institute a transparent bid process to ensure the best products at the best prices for the party. Those expenditures will be targeted to grow Republican grassroots infrastructure in the state throughout the year, instead of solely spending money at election time. We will effectively utilize volunteers from throughout the state, and not turn a blind eye to the talent already involved in the party.

We will work for you and your future.

Want to do More?
If you are tired of the current leadership, consider running for a state committee position at your district convention. And please vote for me as Georgia GOP Chairman. It is vital that we all work together to ensure that our Republican brand is maintained. The Georgia GOP must work tirelessly to represent you and your interests and values, and to do this, we must ensure that the party educates voters on what you believe in and on what is going on under the Gold Dome.

We must ensure that Republicans don’t just talk like Republicans, but actually act like Republicans.

Thank you for your overwhelming support for Advance the GOP.  If you wish to get involved, please message me or contact me through Facebook. If you want to spread this to others, forward it to your true Republican friends and subscribe them to this mailing list. Together, we can all Advance the GOP in Georgia.       

Thank you for your leadership in the Republican Party and commitment to its principles. Like Vote Alex for GAGOP Chairman - Stop Wasting Money: Let's Focus on FUNDraising on Facebook

Alex Johnson
404-436-1GOP (404-436-1467)

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