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What makes a Republican? The title, or the ideology and philosophy that a person holds?

Dear Fellow Republican,

As Republicans, if we are to succeed in seeing our beliefs turned into governmental policy, we must take ownership and responsibility for the word “Republican” and what it represents. We must return to our core principles, and cease giving a pass to elected officeholders that betray basic, core Republican principles.

Do we believe in stopping unsustainable deficit spending on the Federal level? Republican principles would say we are against such spending. However, instead of demanding this through legislation, the “Republican” Speaker of the House voted, and strongly encouraged others, to do the exact opposite and to allow such spending to continue.

Do we believe that ordinary individual citizens should be able to petition their government, such as State House and Senate representatives, about pending legislation without having to pay a fee? Republican principles would say we believe in our Constitution and free speech to petition our government and would therefore never legislate doing so. Last year, however, our Georgia “Republican” House Speaker, along with others, proposed a bill doing the exact opposite. (Link to Original proposed version (Link to Commentary:
Do we believe that the role of government is to support free markets and the best ideas rising to the top? Republican principles would say we are opposed to corporate welfare and monopoly protectionism, but multiple “Republicans” have proposed in this session a bill to create a monopoly held by taxicab companies, which would shut down multiple new safe and thriving businesses in this state. (The bill: (Commentary:
So what can you do to stop this from happening? Get involved in Advance The GOP. Recruit other likeminded people to get involved in your County GOP. We are currently revising our website, and are recruiting people in every County and District of Georgia who believe that the Republican Party cannot and should not let our brand be tarnished by politicians who advocate laws that are directly opposed to our core principles. If you wish to help research, organize, recruit, and to Advance this belief, please e-mail me or message me through Facebook. If you want to spread this to others, forward it to your true Republican friends and subscribe them to this mailing list. Together, we can all Advance the GOP in Georgia.

Thank you for your leadership in the Republican Party and commitment to its principles.

Alex Johnson
404-436-1GOP (404-436-1467)

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