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Right Now “Republican” Legislators are Trying to Violate Your Rights: You Must Call TODAY and Stop Them!

Today is sine die, the last day of the Georgia legislative session:

As you may be aware, even though the T-SPLOST failed in much of the state in 2012, the state legislature just passed a transportation tax increase on Tuesday evening, with no apparent attention given to ways to reduce the cost of transportation projects or cutting waste in other areas of government. Erick Erickson theorizes this tax increase gained support of Democrats in exchange for "Republicans" killing SB129, the "Religious Freedom" bill. 
This bill was supported by “Republicans”. The state leadership of the Georgia Republican Party has neither taken a stand against this, or even educated voters that it was being considered. This hurts our brand and credibility, as directly pointed out by State Rep. David Stover on his Facebook.
Now, the state legislature is attempting to silence citizen activists, specifically many Republican aligned groups, through SB127. This bill would require educational and issue advocacy groups, including value based organizations and tea-parties, to not educate any voters within 180 days of any election without onerous disclosure requirements. However, it would allow elected politicians, our employees, to allow a “party caucus” of the Georgia House or Senate to accept higher monetary contributions, further allowing them to ignore the Georgia GOP and the grassroots activists that caused them to be elected.
Again, the state leadership of the Georgia Republican Party is silent, allowing our brand and credibility to be damaged. This is made worse by the fact it could lessen the Georgia GOP's ability to fundraise, when party funds are already low.

But you can fix this. It’s time for you to act.
First, please let EVERYONE know what is going on with SB127 and encourage them to call their own legislators and demand that they vote against any law that puts more requirements on citizen activism.
Second, please contact anyone on the “conference committee” which has influence over this bill. Though unconfirmed, I have heard Sen. Ligon, Sen. Burke, and Sen. Jeffares are the State Senators on the committee.
Third, support new leadership for the Georgia GOP. If you are tired of the current leadership, consider running for a state committee position at your district convention. And please vote for me as Georgia GOP Chairman. It is vital that we all work together to ensure that our Republican brand is maintained. The Georgia GOP must work tirelessly to represent you and your interests and values, and to do this, we must ensure that the party educates voters on what you believe in and on what is going on under the Gold Dome. We must ensure that Republicans don’t just talk like Republicans, but actually act like Republicans.

Thank you for your overwhelming support for Advance the GOP.  If you wish to get involved, please message me or contact me through Facebook. If you want to spread this to others, forward it to your true Republican friends and subscribe them to this mailing list. Together, we can all Advance the GOP in Georgia.       

Thank you for your leadership in the Republican Party and commitment to its principles. Like “Republican” Legislators are Trying to Violate Your Rights: You Must Call TODAY and Stop Them! - Advance the GOP - Vote Alex for Georgia GOP Chair on Facebook

Alex Johnson
404-436-1GOP (404-436-1467)

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