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Dear Jon --

Welcome to Jon Turino ConnectionsTM   
Volume 2, Number 1,  January 8, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 ImageHappy New Year! Make it so!

Jon, may the New Year bring you love, peace, prosperity and happiness.

Last year was certainly a challenge, filled with uncertainty and doubt and suffering from lingering economic woes. While it doesn't look like we're out of the woods completely yet, 2013 does have some optimism built into it. Prognosticators from a great many fields are predicting better times ahead and we can make those predictions come true by our own actions.

If you've been putting off a purchase, maybe now is the time to make it. If you've been looking at getting some consulting help, marketing or otherwise, perhaps now is the time to make that investment in your future business growth. If you have customers or clients who've been sitting on the fence with regard to using your products or services, now may be the time to ask them for the order.

We can be the engine for economic recovery starting now. We just have to, in the words of Captain Picard of StarTrek fame, "Make It So."  Join me in that rallying cry for the coming year. Let's make it so together.

Check out the great introductory package or the Instant Strategy Session. How about having Jon on your staff on an on-call basis for $100, $200 or $500 per month, depending on your needs? You can now sign up for Monthly Mentoring Mode to do just that. You've met Jon and you know just how helpful he can be. Don't forget: there's also the in-company marketing strategy seminar/workshop tailored just for your needs. Or you can learn many of Jon's methods by taking the new online course at Udemy entitled The Marketing Plan Seminar. And if you want a free generic marketing consultation with Jon, just buy him lunch and you've got it!

As with the each issue of this newsletter, near the top you'll find the networking tip and a partial list of networking events from my website Calendar page in which you might want to participate.  Towards the middle you'll find the social media tips, a Featured Affiliate spotlight and some interesting statistics in the "Did You Know..." section.  Near the bottom you'll find articles and groups of interest and a partial list of the latest updates on the website Resources page. All of the content contains live links to the source information so that you can get to it quickly and easily.

We'll say again what we say each issue:  Your feedback on this newsletter is very important to us.  Do we have the right topics?  The right content?  The right amount of information?  The right format?  What can we do better?  What's missing?  What don't you want?  Would paid ads or sponsored links be OK or not?  Please let us know via our website Contact page.

Thanks for reading this issue of newsletter. I continue to be truly gratified by the number of people who've made the time to tell me that they really like it and I will try to continue to provide you with interesting, useful and occasionally entertaining content in each issue. I would really appreciate it if you'd confirm your desire to continue receiving this newsletter and other occasional emails from us by subscribing.  Also please share this newsletter with your friends.

This Issue's Networking Tips

While I haven't come across a lot of content on physical networking over the past several weeks I have come across quite a bit of it regarding LinkedIn, which is arguably the best virtual networking platform.  Pamela Vaughn writes in HubSpot's inbound marketing blog that
LinkedIn can be extremely useful -- especially when you're aware of all the little hidden tricks that don't get nearly enough exposure as they deserve.

"To help you master LinkedIn, below is our ultimate list of 35 awesome tricks you may have been overlooking.
We've divided these tips into three main categories -- optimizing your LinkedIn presence, using LinkedIn for professional networking, and using LinkedIn for business and marketing."   The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn is a very practical and informative piece well worth reading.

Adriano Abrate says in his article entitled 6 Killer Tactics to Achieve Omnipresence
that "organising and running a networking event that provides a way for your target customers to connect with each other is a great platform for you to directly  build authority and in a face to face capacity. In my opinion nothing beats face to face networking as a way to start building relationships. I currently organise a speed networking group, it cost $60 to setup on and has been a fantastic way for me to grow my network."

The other five tactics he lists, while not strictly networking suggestions, are certainly worth considering.
Like your online social media, your face-to-face networking will only be effective if you do it consistently. Initially pick only two or three groups of your target audience to visit and concentrate on going regularly. You can find relevant groups on the Calendar and Resources pages.Have a tip to share? Let us know!
Social Media Tips Image
This Issue's Social Media Tips
Have you heard about the new Google+ Communities? Google+ Communities allow you to collaborate with others on topics you’re passionate about. And it’s a great opportunity for marketers to network, engage and build the businesses they support. This article from Social Media Examiner will reveal everything you need to know about Google+ Communities and how to leverage them for business.

And there's more on Communities from Stephen Hughes in Business2Community. He reports:
It’s Google’s answer to Facebook Groups. That new car smell jumps off the screen, but this is more than another shiny toy.
The Photo Community - Google Plus
I caught the post Thursday on the Google’s Official Blog that Google+ Communities were being rolled out. They showed some public community examples including The Audi Community, Star Wars, and The Photo Community (led by Trey Ratcliff). The Photo Community has over 14,000 members already if you’re keeping score at home.

Later that evening it became apparent that Google+ users could create their own community. Hmmm, should I do this? What the heck, let’s give this a shot, and the Blog Community was born. Come join if you’re interested in blogging and making connections. Read more here

You'll also want to check out these great resources:

Important Suggestions for Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

What's Your Learning Style Say About Your Social Media Method?

101 Social Media Marketing Resources - 2012 Edition

If you have tips to share in a future issue, please use the Contact form to send them and we'll see if we can use them in a future newsletter issue.
Online Teacher Support Inc. Logo
This Issue's Featured Affiliate
This issue we spotlight Online Teacher Support, Inc., a Salem (OR) based training, coaching and consulting firm specializing in the human side of teaching online -- making online teachers great.

Dr. Robyn MacKillipFounded by Dr. Robyn MacKillop, OTS offers training and support to teachers throughout the world. Online teaching is vastly different from classroom teaching, says Dr. MacKillop, and a great classroom teacher does not roll over into a great online teacher.

One of the biggest issues in the online learning world is lack of support for online teachers. OTS provides that support to individual or groups of teachers. Support includes how to manage your time, differentiating instruction for different levels of learners in your class, the importance of communication and how to do it, and maintaining student motivation and engagement.

You can contact Robyn at and you'll be able to visit her at the Northwest Council for Computer Eduction show February 27-March 1, 2013 at the Oregon Convention Center. You can also find her on Facebook at


In each issue we spotlight someone in our network who has done an outstanding job for a client and may be able to help you as well. We welcome your nominations for an Affiliate to feature.  Also check Jon Turino's Affiliates page if you need marketing strategy implementation or a variety of other help.

Upcoming Events Image
Upcoming Events
Here are some of the happenings for the month of January. Not every event is listed here due to space restrictions and issue date so please click on the link to the website Calendar for complete information.

Happening Today, January 8th...

AMA-PDX Luncheon, Bridgeport Brewing Company, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Trusted Team Referral Mixer, Brix Tavern, 4:30-6:30 PM

SEMpdx - Internet Marketing 101, AboutUs, 5:00-7:00 PM

Happening Thursday, January 10th...

Marketing Power Hour, BESThq, 11:00-11:45 AM

Planning for the Future - PDX Web & Design, WebTrends, 6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

Happening Later this Month...

PBA Business After Hours, Ruth's Chris Steak House, January 16th, 5:00-7:00 PM

PSBN $5 at 5 PM Networking Event, Chameleon Restaurant, January 17th, 5:00-8:00PM

PBA Building Business Connections, Rose Garden, January 22nd, 7:30-9:00 AM

The Marketing Seminar/Workshop, PixelGigs, January 24th, 1:00-4:30 PM

Network After Work at Couture, January 24th, 6:00-9:00 PM

OAME Coffee & Issues, OAME, January 25th, 7:00-8:00 AM

HMCC Membership Luncheon, The Benson, January 29th, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Only the larger events are listed in this section.  Many I Take the Lead, LeTip, Bridges Networking and other groups meet several times per month at various places.  You can find links to these groups on the Resources page.

This calendar is updated frequently between newsletter issues.  You can always find the latest information and subscribe on the website Calendar page.

If you would like to have your event considered for inclusion in the website calendar, please provide details of the event using the Contact form.
Did You Know Image
Did You Know... 
Normally we'll put either some interesting facts or an answer to a question from a reader in this space.

This issue we borrow from 21 Quick Quotes From The OnStartups Book by Dharmesh Shah. He's donating all royalties, by the way, to Kiva, which makes loans that change lives, if you are interested in supporting it.

1. A startup lives and dies by its customers. Not some marketer's initial conception of who the customer should be and what the customer should want.

2. Coca-Cola needs people to have a warm-fuzzy when staring at a shelfful of sugar water; you just need sales.

3. If it requires a spreadsheet to figure out the sales commission, it’s too hard.

4. Sales people will generally act in mostly rational (but often surprising) ways based on incentives.

5. ALWAYS connect incentives somehow to ultimate customer happiness.

6. If the value of the education you're getting from the startup does not exceed the value of the salary, you’re doing something wrong, or you're at the wrong place.

7. You learn the hard way that if you lose your cool, you lose.

8. The exponential productivity from great people will always amaze you.

9. Sometimes you can tell more about a company by how it treats customers on their way out, than on their way in.

10. VCs invest in the companies that win over their hearts and their minds, usually in that order.

11. It’s a one-time cost to come up with great name for your startup — but the benefit is forever.

12. Having a diversity of distribution channels actually increases your risk that you never find a scalable channel at all.

13. It's not the news-outlets that write about you, it's individual writers that do.

14. That is the life of an entrepreneur: It’s a steady stream of hard work, occasionally punctuated by some really hard decisions.

15. It doesn’t matter how much “real” (objective) value you have baked into your product if your customers don’t perceive that value.

16. It turns out, people do sometimes buy drills (not holes).

17. I don't think business plans are completely useless, just mostly so. And sometimes, they're dangerous.

18. You should be committed to your business, not your business plan.

19. More startups die from idea gluttony than starvation.

20. If you're trying to disrupt the status quo and beat bigger competitors, you're not going to do it by playing their game.

See the last quote, plus comments on the full 21 Quick Quotes here (along with some great links).

Please message us via the Contact  page with your questions or "Did you know..." items. They're fun to read and make great conversation starters at networking events.
Articles of Interest Image
Articles of Interest
It's hard to choose from the huge volume of material provided by so many contributors on the web, but we try! Here's a potpourri of articles for your reading enjoyment:

Have you kept up to date with the best social media marketing practices? Are you looking for actionable tips you can apply to your business?

 Here from Social Media Examiner are the top twenty most popular articles from 2012.

There have been hundreds of articles whose links I have saved over the past month and they are far too numerous to list. But here are a few of my picks:

How to Make Your Content Mobile Friendly by John Jantsch in Duct Tape Marketing

13 Marketing Musts for 2013 by
Deborah Shane in SmallBiz Trends

How to Make a Website: A Tactical Guide for Marketers by Seth Godin

Finally, don't forget to check Jon's Blog. New posts there include:

The “C” Words

“B” is for Benefits

The Power of the Word “Ask”

Smite Those Tactics!

Social Media ROI Baptism

Elements of a Marketing Plan — 3

Elements of a Marketing Plan — 2

I am also sharing a bunch of between-newsletter articles via

f you find other articles that you think might be of interest to readers of this newsletter, please let us know and we'll post them on Jon's Facebook business page, LinkedIn company page, Google+ page and Twitter account between issues of the newsletter.
You can check my link at for additional social media links and don't miss me on for some great pics and information.
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Watch a Short Video

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You can fill these interactive worksheets with your specific business information to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies and tactics.
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The ads will be placed below the content blocks in the 2-column and 3-column sections of the newsletter. Space is limited so take advantage of this great opportunity to get your information in front of more than a thousand potential readers every three weeks during 2013. Pricing information for the ads is available hereCall Jon at 503-877-4609 to order your ad today!
Groups of Interest Image

Groups of Interest

Myriad virtual groups exist on the Internet and within Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ in particular. And Google now has Communities -- see the Social Media Tips section above left -- that you can join and participate in.

If you are a marketing type you might want to check out the American Marketing Association's Portland Chapter. This group, whose mission is to connect, support and empower local marketing professionals her in Portland. This group has also just recently teamed up with mac's list, which publishes job listings for Portland and beyond each week.
AMA-pdx also holds a monthly luncheon meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and sponsors SearchFest 2012, Portland’s Premier Search Marketing + Social Media Conference. Check the AMA-PDX website for more information on news and happenings on a regular basis.

You'll also want to check out two additional groups for 2013 if you haven't done so already:

ReciProtyReciProty is a vibrant online community bringing community support, business networking, and marketing to the next level! The ReciProty Blog provides advice for local neighborhood and business networking. Discover the secrets behind developing a trusted network of support.
I Take the Lead  I Take The Lead, Inc.’s mission is to help you build your business by generating professional business leads and referral systems by providing workshops and seminars for business and personal development, business networking tips and techniques. I Take The Lead offers both  Business-to-Consumer networking groups and with Business to Business networking groups.
Please contact us with suggestions for additional groups you think might be of interest to other readers.
Link to Client Testimonials
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Learn the amazing secret that can differentiate your business from similar businesses with this true story. Jon's brand new book The Piano Story: Getting to "Yes" in the Sales Process is now available in both electronic and print format. A "must read" for anyone selling to others! The print version is priced at $7.95 from  -- Title ID 4071456 -- and the electronic version is $4.95 direct from Jon Turino Marketing + Connections. Order yours today.
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The price goes to $65 per person after January 17th and registration ends January 22nd. There will be no at the door registrations. Sign up today to insure your participation to save $10 with the Early Bird discount.

Register today at

Resources Link Updates
You can find a large number of resources on my website Resources page. Here are a few that you might want to check out as we begin the New Year:

PCC CLIMB Small Business Development CenterThe PCC CLIMB Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is one of 19 in the state of Oregon, offering growth and development opportunities for small business owners throughout the PCC district. CLIMB delivers professional training and business development, backed by the experience and size of PCC.

Startup PDX  Startup PDX aims to empower emerging entrepreneurs through business education, cultivate a supportive network of aspiring entrepreneurs, promote the value of entrepreneurship as a means of revitalizing the local economy and connect group members and attendees with the resources and support needed to launch and sustain successful businesses.

The Oregon Department of Business and Consumer Services. If you’re running a business (or thinking of starting one) in Oregon, visit this site to learn about building codes, laws and rules, fiscal services and more.

Portland Online  Portland Online is the City of Portland’s official website. This site contains links to the Mayor’s office and the offices of City Council Commissioners as well as links to all of the City’s Bureaus.
Please contact us with suggestions for additional links you think might be of interest to other readers. And please let us know if you find any of the links broken or objectionable.
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We'll continue the every three weeks schedule for this newsletter through the coming year. I will continue to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest as good content becomes available.

And you can always check the calendar for the latest happenings between issues.
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