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OFSPOA 2021 Call for Nominations for 
OFSPOA Board Positions


The OFPOA Board is a completely volunteer board of residents committed to the goals and covenants of the community, and consists of an executive oversight team (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and four functional committees (Communications, Hospitality, Social, Beautification).  It is currently looking for folks to volunteer for positions described below.


General Board Information
The Board meets on average every four weeks, summer months excepted, for about two hours. Meetings are hosted at the Old Field Club, typically a Monday or Wednesday in the middle of the month. The topics discussed vary with the time of year and include finances, beautification, social events, timely communication, real estate changes, and various community issues.  It is a fun and lively discussion. Please consider taking this step to actively participate in the OFS community by volunteering for a position. Current roles described below.

Leads the board by setting the agenda, tone and approach the board assumes in maintaining and implementing the Old Field South covenants to ensure the community maintains its charm, historic sense of wellbeing and adherence to the wants and needs of the members of the community.

  • Conducts all Board meetings including setting agenda 

  • Coordinates and assists all board members with all their duties

  • Oversees all committees and events

  • Oversees all expenditures and budgets 

  • Listens to and works to resolve all member problems, insuring compliance with the covenants

  • Interfaces with the community  and all third parties as required (agents, attorneys, real estate developers, etc.)

  • Host all special events including Annual Business Meeting/Spring Social  and Beach Party

  • Responds to all correspondence sent to the Association personally or through Corresponding Secretary.

  • Signs all contracts, written agreements, obligations and agreements on behalf of the associations with the exception of bank checks

This role requires strong leadership, communication skills, people orientation and ability to manage diversity of strong opinions, comprehensive understanding of financial balance and impact, project planning and community minded activism to represent the needs of the members and to act decisively and with respect for all board and community members.

Vice President
Serves as assistant and deputy to the role of the President, assists in carrying out all the administration and management of the business side of the Associations work

  • Presides at meetings in the absence of the President

  • Assist with carrying out all administration and management of the business side of the Association

  • Understands the Association structure, responsibilities and procedures for each of the Committees

  • Know basic parliamentary procedures

  • Assists is setting up Board meetings including review and development of the agendas

  • Attends any third party meetings with the President, ex. attorney, accountant, agents, etc.

  • Acts as sounding board for the President; listens to ideas, plans and offers advise when possible

  • Participates as an integral part of Executive committee for decision making (budget, projects, board positions, etc.)

  • Manages special projects that might come up that are out of scope for the current committees

  • Assists with committee events as required

  • Facilitates other board members’ responsibilities as required

This position requires strong administrative focus to detail, flexibility to manage the changeability of roles to support all BOD positions, leadership and mediation skills.

Serves as the chief financial member of the board managing all dues collections, accounting and reconciliation of all expenditures on behalf of the board committees, coordinating with external accountant for year end tax filing. 

  • Manages OFSPOA bank account - deposits, withdrawals and reconciliation

  • Validates all invoices on behalf of the board committees to confirm they have been approved, pays in timely fashion

  • Maintains records of all payments and vendors

  • Generates annual dues letter and follow up letters for past due balances; manages spreadsheet for reconciliation of dues received.

  • Manages OFSPOA mailbox

  • Coordinates information with 3rd Party accountant for tax returns and filing.

Financial understanding of basic budgeting is essential to this position as well as Excel and Word capabilities.

Supports the President and Vice President in managing and recording minutes to all board meetings, circulating for review and finalizing. Maintains the boards books and records.

  • Take notes during monthly Board meetings

  • Transcribe notes into gmail document “OFS minutes” and distribute to all board members

  • Revise or add information as needed

  • Keep records of all minutes in gmail OFSPOA drive and in hardcopy

  • Assist the President or VP with correspondence as needed

  • Manage and maintain all Board historical records (minutes, form letters, etc.)

Strong verbal and written skills are required as well as good listening and interpreting skills.  Timely and accurate reporting are essential.

Corresponding Secretary 

Works as the liaison between the board and any outside parties on behalf of the President or other executive roles on the board. Responsibilities include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Writing letters on behalf of Board members

  • Contacting or communicating board business, decisions or inquiries electronically,  phone or post to said parties. ex. Real Estate Agencies, Developers, Local Business, etc.

  • Sometimes she/he writes letters; other times she/he is simply the messenger

  • Writing and distributing OFSPOA Newsletter, Phone Directory (hardcopy and electronic)

  • Maintain print copies of all correspondence and post digital copy as directed

  • Developing and maintaining BOD standard operating procedures, including updates/changes that are voted in during Board meetings.

This role requires strong written and verbal skills, organizational and administrative skills, computer savvy with Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Beautification – Co Chairs

Works to enhance and beautify common environs of OFS including the entrances, and common triangles areas, by creating, managing and maintaining an annual work budget to be approved by the board.  The goal is to maintain and enhance the plantings of the above. Additionally, this position strives to engage residents of OFSPOA in projects that unite, in the spirit of cooperation and good will, for the preservation of the Old Field South community. Examples:

  • Community Clean-Ups -  organize and execute event (set date, post, photograph, publish event and write a thank you). Schedule at least a clean up each Spring and Fall.

  • Participate in Community Events - to resolve issues or enhance community. Ex. the creation of the raised bed brick planter

  • Sponsor Community contests ex: "Beautiful Botanical mailbox Masterpiece" or Art/Photo contests highlighting the beauty of Old Field South

  • Coordinate with the Town of Brookhaven for the removal of debris, cleaning and clearing of drains, fallen or dead trees and other safety concerns such as potholes and road signage.

  • Manage landscape vendors: from selection to implementation. Including written quotes and contracts, gaining board approval 

  • Decorate the brick entrances and white signs for the seasons 

  • Address health concerns such as poison ivy and ticks.

  • Respond to residents who have raised concerns or have questions related to Beautification.

Social Chairs – Co Chairs

Plan, execute and host:

▪  Annual Business/Social get-together

▪  Annual beach party

▪  Occasional community tag sale or other social event

This role includes planning and executing events within a specified budget, identifying and securing event venues, planning food, drinks, and entertainment, all with the support and approval of the Board.  These positions require good coordination, planning, and execution skills, as well as the ability to find creative ways to deal with budget challenges.

Communications – Co Chairs

▪  Develop  content for, design, and manage the OFSPOA News Letter (primary OFSPOA     communication medium on OFS Website)

▪  Develop content for, design, and manage the OFSPOA web site

▪  Write and send community email notifications of news, reminders, and alerts. 

▪  Manage community email list

▪  Produce a biennial community directory (currently in conjunction with a dedicated volunteer)

▪  Monitor and respond to communications received via email or through the website online feedback form

▪  Share information related to these tasks with the Board, discuss issues, share ideas, etc.

This position requires does not require website management nor development skills. It does, however, require creativity, excellent writing skills and technical savvy. Creative thinking and awareness of community to add content based on community need.  Have all new content approved by the board before hosting.

Hospitality – Co Chairs

This committee is responsible for meeting and greeting all new community members ensuring they understand the covenants and receive both a bird house and a copy of the latest homeowners directory.

  • Get latest information from the realtors on newest community resident

  • Contact new home owner by email, or note in mailbox to set up a visit

  • Visit new homeowner with copy of the directory with the covenants attached and a     OFSPOA birdhouse (or any other new home owner gift the board approves)

  • Manage birdhouse inventory, if low order a minimum of five to have in reserve

  • Paint birdhouse with black and white paint and adhere OFS Logo

  • Plan and execute a New Homeowner Social event at either the Old Field Club or beach  to introduce 

This role requires outgoing personalities to connect and socialize with new homeowners. Timely engagement and delivery of OFS messages.

*Note: All committees submit monthly update reports prior to each board meetings, and content for occasional newsletters and website  updates.

The Process

  1. After reviewing the positions, if you would like to serve in any capacity, send an email  expressing your interest to the OFSPOA Board at no later than May 28th.  Include a brief bio and indicate why you would like to be nominated for a position, which position you feel qualified for and interested in; state first and second choices if there are multiples, and pose any questions you may have.  Also, if you feel strongly about other roles that you think would add value to the community and you may have the competency to fulfill, please add that to your email.

  2. If you are nominating another member of the community, please provide the same information.

  3. Board members will review the candidates, answer any questions, and put a slate of candidates forward for the community to review on the Old Field South Website by mid-June. Voting will be held at the next business meeting, which will be scheduled on June 17.

  4. Newly elected members will be announced the same night and invited to the next Board meeting to begin their term. Terms are open-ended. 

Thanks in advance for you community support,  we look forward to hearing from you.  If you have any questions about the Board positions or the process please do not hesitate to call Susan Tyson at 631-689-0570.


The OFSPOA Board
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