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SAVE THE DATE | Thursday March 3rd 2016

European River Symposium 2016
Best Practices in River Basin Management – Building sustainable partnerships
Feature Event to the 3rd European RiverPrize
 3rd March 2016 in Vienna, Austria

On March 3rd 2016 the European River Symposium 2016 will be held with a focus on Partnerships for Rivers and Water. The Rivers in Europe, Best Practices in River Management Conference will target actions taken to build positive relationships between key organizations and sectors that influence rivers and water management. This event will build upon the cooperation and partnerships that have been developing between diverse actors in protecting, restoring and better managing rivers and water in Europe.
As part of the event the 3rd European Riverprize will be presented during a gala evening organized and supported by the City of Vienna.
The Building Partnerships for Rivers conference will be composed of plenary conference sessions combined with inter-sectoral working groups and panel discussions. Field trips and conference working groups will be organized that will take place on March 2nd and March 4th. The Riverprize Gala will be celebrated in the Vienna City Hall and would highlight and provide support to the successes that have been achieved in river management in Europe.







Symposium theme and Programme

    Best Practices in River Basin Management- building sustainable partnerships
    The Program will include:
    • Key Note Presentation - Rivers in Europe; Partnerships for Rivers- An opening State of Rivers in Europe Presentation
    • Special Session - Lessons in partnership building  – The Danube and Rhine (ICPDR, ICPR)
    • Parallel Workshops on the theme of advancing partnerships in river management.
      • Navigation/Tourism/Flood Protection and Nature Protection
      • Hydropower and River Management
      • Water Utilities and Water Quality and River Management
    • Presentation and discussion - Building Partnerships for Water and Sustainable Development -- A keynote presentation and response sectoral representatives.
    • European Riverprize - Finalist presentations
    • Wrap up Plenary Lessons from the Parallel Session on Strengthening Partnership for Rivers and Initiatives to be Taken
    On March 2 and March 4 Field Trips and Special Conference Working Groups and Side Meetings will take place.

    Target audience
    River managers and planners from river basin authorities, government and non-government organisations, utility representatives, corporate sector representatives from hydropower, agriculture, water, and navigation and tourism, consultants, river restoration practitioners. research and University and young water professionals.
    The conference would focus on building positive energy and enthusiasm for the continued efforts to improve river and water management in Europe and to strengthen the partnerships that have developed to achieve this goal.

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Conference Programming and Organisation

    Partners are: WWF, GWP. ICPDR, INBO, Ramsar, WI and IAWD

    The Symposium and River Prize Gala is organized by IAWD on behalf of IRF











ERS2016 Symposium Office
PO Box 37756
The Netherlands





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