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Happy December!

I didn't send out a newsletter in November because I was making an attempt at NaNoWriMo and going on a board gaming convention in addition to my regular work. I ended up giving on NaNo but am happy I made the attempt because it DID get me into the habit of daily writing again. Aiming to finish my middle grade novel by next year! Wish me luck.

If you're looking for a year-round motivational writing challenge but need some flexibility, try my 250, 500 and 1000 Words/Day Challenge.

After I came back from the gaming convention, I started thinking how pairing up tabletop games with books for young people could make a fine holiday gift. I've posted some of my pairing suggestions on my gaming blog.

For those of you who like my Lindor chocolate ballerinas, I've added a few single small Lindor ballerinas to my Etsy shop. This is the first time I've added any original art to my shop in several years, and I wanted to give those on my mailing list the first heads-up. Plus if you include the word "POTATO!" in your order, I'll add a signed mini-watercolor painting of the Potato from I'm Bored.

If you don't see any original art listings in my shop by the time you click my Etsy shop link, it's because they've sold. I may be adding a few more original pieces of found object art in the next few days.

Hope you're all have a good winter!


On the subway: noticed a little Asian girl in a stroller staring in fascination at my illustrated WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? tote bag while her mom was texting. Sadly, didn't have my book with me, else I'd have read it to her. Instead, I did this quick #inktober sketch of her and, just before I got off at my stop, presented the little girl and her mom with the sketch and a bookmark. They both seemed delighted. :-) p.s. The bookmarks are available as a free print-ready PDF at

I've started collecting some of my free, print-ready WINTER-themed activities, cards and posters at
Support literacy and indie bookstores PLUS get your holiday shopping done:
If you're holding a copy of Where Are My Books? when you post your #Read1Give1 photo, I'll send you a signed and doodled bookplate to put in the front of your book, a signed bookmark, and a fun READ sticker. Just fill out this form to request your bookplate package.

Here's one of my #Read1Give1 photos, taken at Mabel's Fables Bookstore in Toronto; I just bought Kevin Sylvester's MiNRs and Salina Yoon's Penguin's Big Adventure:

Will Write For Chocolate

A Little Witch Watercolor

Did this during Inktober, as Halloween was coming up, with ink and watercolor (Inktense blocks).
Just click on the any of the images for download links. For other  free literacy posters (plus bookmarks and activity sheets), see Also see my Print-Ready Archives.

Found Object ANIMALS a dragon in my laundry lint.
Used one of the last bluebells from our garden, then added watercolor on a scrap piece of paper.
Pumpkin seed mouse.
Kiwi Pear romance.
Turned a coffee stain into a turkey for Thanksgiving.
Raddichio birds.

Other Found Object Doodles

Above: Used yogurt-covered raisins and a Pigma Micron 01.
While I waited for trick-or-treaters at Halloween, I sacrificed two mini-chocolate bars (all for the sake of art, eh?) for this doodle.
Mermaids and a grape balloon.

Doodle with my favorite kind of sushi: tobiko with a quail's egg on top. I know the idea of eating raw eggs turns off some people (and it can be unsafe, depending on the source), but one of my favorite childhood treats was always my Mom's freshly cooked Japanese rice mixed with a dollop of soy sauce and a raw egg. 

I love doodling with crumpled paper napkins!
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