March 25, 2020
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Don Gorvett, Artist and master printmaker
Vivienne Gale, Gallery director
Welcome back friends and new subscribers to our woodcut catalog. Thank you for visiting Don Gorvett Gallery in historic Portsmouth, NH. This email catalog is in response to requests for updates on new work and the availability of woodcuts that are not on the website. If you would like to have a Don Gorvett woodcut, drawing, or painting, please have a budget you are comfortable working with, and we can suggest work from Don's current inventory.

Tips for the purchaser.
No purchase is too small; all sales are essential to us. Inquire about new woodcuts and the pre-publish pricing program. Don will reserve three woodcut prints out of the newly editioned prints to sell at significant savings! Our pre-publish pricing program is the best way to get an original Don Gorvett color woodcut. Please inquire quickly; the first three go fast. Also, black and white or single color woodcuts are an excellent value. Gift certificates are available year-round, and we have a layaway program. We are available by phone or email to answer your questions.
We are continuing our PRE-PUBLISH PRICING PROGRAM on new woodcuts. This program is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers. Pre-publish pricing allows our subscribers to be the first to see new reduction woodcuts offered at below-market prices. We will reserve three excellent reduction woodcuts out of each edition for this program. Once the first three sell, the remaining woodcuts in the edition will sell at our catalog price.

Please note that several of Mr. Gorvett's color woodcuts have a changed in status to reflect the rarity of the print, or are no longer available.
 Lighthouse, New Castle - $2200.00  
2019, Reduction woodcut, edition of 24 with unique impressions, image size 20” x 24”
Goodnight Ogunquit - $3000.00  One at pre-publish price $1700.00 
2019, Reduction woodcut, edition of 27, image size 24” x 31” 
Chain Bridge - $1800.00  Pre-publish price $1200.00
2019, Edition of 20 with unique impressions, image size 24” x 29”, 
Life Boat, Merchant's Row - $1800.00  Pre-publish price $1500.00
 2018, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 23, including unique impressions. Size 29" x 24" 
The Shipping Forecast, Blue Moon - $2200.00  Pre-publish price $1500.00
 2018, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 24, including unique impressions. Size 26" x 29"
Last Light, River Nocturne - $3500.00  
 2018, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 22, Size 21.5" x 33". Oil-based etching inks on Japan paper. RARE
 Bend in the River, Bow and Ceres - $4700.00
2016, Reduction woodcut, edition of 25 including unique impressions, image size 21" x 40".  
Twilight, Portsmouth's Finest Hour, Too $6000.00
2014, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 17, Size 29” x 44". 

Tug, Eugenia Moran - $650.00  RARE
Reduction woodcut, edition 37, size 11” x 15”

Salt Freighter on the Piscataqua - $6500.00
1994, Reduction Woodcut, Edition 20, Size 27” x 47”

Salt Freighters on the Piscataqua, composite - $8000.00
Reduction woodcut composite, image 21” x 45.5”, framed size 33.5” x 57”.  

Bow St, Vanished View - $3000.00
2016. Reduction Woodcut with trapping block. Edition of 30, Size 14" x 36". The edition includes unique impressions and 4 spectrum prints. VERY RARE

Phantom Ships, The Oceanic, Star Island - $4200.00  Pre-publish price $2500.00
2016, Reduction woodcut, edition of 36, Image size 28” x 45”.
Shipyard - $1100.00 Special pricing $850.00
Woodcut, Size 24" x 33.5

Tug, John Wanamaker at Bottom Tide - $1800.00 - Special pricing $1200.00
Woodcut, 9/79, Size 26" x 36"

Bridge Spanning the Piscataqua - $1500.00 - Special pricing $1200.00
Woodcut, 24" x  41.75"  RARE

A woodcut of the historic Sarah Mildred Long Bridge as seen from the Kittery shore on the Piscataqua River, looking towards Portsmouth New Hampshire.

River Road, New Castle - $900.00 - Pre-publish price $600.00
Woodcut, trial proof, image size 16" x 32.5". April 2019

Strawbery Banke - $425.00  Special pricing $375.00
Woodcut, size 14” x 23”

The Navagator - $60.00
Woodcut, Edition 150, size  6" x 7.25"
See something you like? Ask a question, or to arrange your purchase, please email
Gloucester Harbor - $60.00
Woodcut, Edition 150, size  8" x 10"
City Harbor - $60.00
Woodcut, Edition 150, size  4.75" x 10.75"

Maritime Reveries - $900.00
2016, Woodcut, A/P size 14" x 36". 

Maritime Reveries - $1200.00
2016, Reduction woodcut, edition of 22 -  including several unique impressions, and line proof. Size 14" x 36". 

Icebreaker - $3500.00
2017, Reduction woodcut, edition of 19 including unique impressions, 
image size 24" x 36.75". 

Sea Fox on an Evening Tide - $3000.00  One left for pre-publish price $1900.00
 2018, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 20, 28" x 27".

Chebacco Moonrise - $3200.00
 2017, Reduction woodcut, edition of 25 including unique impressions, 
Red sky. Size 24" x 31.75". 

Chebacco Moonrise - $3200.00
 2017, Reduction woodcut, edition of 25 including unique impressions, 
Gold sky. Size 24" x 31.75". 

Chebacco Moonrise (Wood block) - price on request
2017, Fir plywood, size 24.25" x 33".

Shipwreck on a Shoal - $2700.00
2006, Reduction woodcut, edition of 29, Size 16" x 24".

Abandoned Draggers at the Waiting Station - $1600.00  Pre-publish price $1200.00
 2018, Reduction woodcut with puzzle block (golden sky), edition of 18, Size 29" x 20". Oil-based etching inks on Japan paper. Many unique prints within the edition.
Abandoned Draggers at the Waiting Station - $1600.00  Pre-publish price $1200.00
 2018, Reduction woodcut with puzzle block (red sky), edition of 18, Size 29" x 20". Oil-based etching inks on Japan paper. Many unique prints within the edition.

Harbor Ballad - $4000.00  Pre-publish price $3250.00
Reduction Woodcut, Edition 25, Size 45.5” x 28.75”

Maritime Trio - $700.00  Pre-publish price $500.00
Woodcut, edition 15, size 20" x 26". 2019

Illustration From the "Fisherman's Own Book" Circa 1881 - $800.00
Woodcut, Size 16" x 32.5"

Ghost of a Seafaring City - $1500.00
Woodcut, Edition 8, Size 29” x 42"

Perkins Cove - $900.00
1980, Reduction Linocut, Edition 20, Size 17” x 20”

Moonlight Corridor to the Cove - $1100.00
2017, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 20, Size 18.75" x 24". Oil-based etching inks on Japan paper.

Cove Drift - $1800.00 - One left for pre-publish price $1300.00
2017, Reduction woodcut, edition of 23 including unique impressions, image size 15.75” x 25”.

Midnight Drif- $900.00
2017, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 10, Size 15.75” x 25”.

Taut Line in a Moonlight Drift - $1200.00
2013, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 18, Size 16.5" x 25.5”.

below, Taut Line in a Moonlight Drift, Woodblock, 18” x 27.5”, 2013
Price upon request

Winter Companions - $375.00  - Pre-publish price $250.00
Woodcut, A/P, size 17.5" x 12",  2019

Sole and Sand Eels - SOLD OUT
Woodcut, size 16” x 14.5”.
See something you like? Ask a question, or to arrange your purchase, please email
Divers - $2500.00
Reduction woodcut, edition of 6, size 24” x 32.75”. 

An early reduction woodcut hand-spooned by the artist during one of his first summers spent in Ogunquit, Maine at Annabell's Cabin off Berwick Road. RARE

Rocky Corridor to the Cove $1800.00 Pre-publish price $1200.00
2017, Reduction woodcut, edition of 25, size 16.5” x 32”. The edition includes 5 spectrum impressions.

Rocky Corridor to the Cove is a nine-color reduction woodcut. A spectrum print is a unique impression within the edition that demonstrates the sequence of colors printed and reveals the result of the woodblock's diminishing surface. 

An Icon at the End of the Road - $3200.00
Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 12, Size 19" x 28" 

A visual document of the passing of the age of small private manufactories. The Tarr and Wonson paint manufactory was built in the late 1800 and produced marine paints for ship hulls. This manufactory icon still stands on a causeway that leads to the end of  Rocky Neck in Gloucester Massachusetts. 2000 VERY RARE

Grounded Skiffs Beneath the Drawbridge - $3500.00
1998, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 8, size 20.25” x 44.5”. 

Safe Haven, View From Junper Lane, Perkins Cove - $3500.00
2014, Reduction Woodcut, Edition of 30, size 19” x 44.5”.

Moonlight Draw Bridge - $2000.00  Pre-publish price $1500.00
2014, Reduction woodcut, edition of 19, image size 23" x  34.5".


See an eight-minute film about the creation of the reduction woodcut print Moonlight Drawbridge by filmmaker Steven Galante.  This film was shown a the New Hampshire film festival in 2015.

River Dune - $4500.00 
Woodcut, hand altered, mixed media on Rag Board, 36” X 50” Framed. 

Winter Storage, Feather Bed Lane, Ogunquit Me - $1500.00, Framed $1650.00

Reduction woodcut with key block, edition of 20, image size 17” x 28.5”, framed size 27.5" x 38.8"

Study, Passage to Perkins Cove - $1100.00
India Ink and acrylic wash on rag board, size 17" x 28" . A winter view, looking into Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine.

Corridor to Perkins Cove - $700.00  Pre-publish price $500.00
Woodcut, size 17" x 29", A winter view looking into Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine, based on the study, Passage to Perkins Cove, with the addition of a schooner made ready for the winter months. This is also the image of the key block to reduction woodcut Winter's Storage, Feather Bed Lane.

Corridor to Perkins Cove - $150.00 - Special
Silk Screen on heave rag paper., Size 17" x 29",  5 available. Same image as above.

Freighter Awaiting Entrance to Gloucester Harbor - SOLD OUT, BLOCK SOLD
circa 1979, Reduction woodcut, edition of 15, size 13” x 22”.
Half Moon Beach, Gloucester, MA., looking towards Gloucester Harbor after a snowstorm. The block was carved into an old chestnut panel sourced from wood found at Stillington Hall. The artist had one of his first residential studios at Stillington Hall, an elegant 1920s Tudor-style estate on Eastern Point in Gloucester, Ma. The block and woodcut print are to be sold together, price on request. 
Make an offer, all reasonable offers will be carefully considered. Contact us at

The Harbor Cove - $1800.00 Special pricing $1200.00
Woodcut, A/P, Size 19" x 47"

Perkins Cove Panorama - $1800.00  Special pricing $1200.00
Woodcut with chine collé, size 18" x 60". 

Studio Fantasy -$900.00
Woodcut, A/P, Size 16.5" x 33"  2017


Fort Ruins - $900.00 
 Woodcut, AP, Size 19" x 33" 

The Island Houses - $600.00 
 Woodcut, AP, Size 13.5" x 22" 

Drawbridge Opening, Ogunquit - $700.00 
 Woodcut, AP, Size 18" x 28", printed on BFK Reeves Buff  2016 

Drawbridge from the Artists Studio - $700.00
Woodcut, AP, Size 17" x 24", printed on BFK Reeves Buff  2016 
View From Narrow Cove - $400.00
Woodcut, AP, Size 13" x 19.75", Printed on BFK Reeves Buff  2016
Narrow Cove - $60.00
Woodcut, Edition 150, size  5" x 10.75"
Ask a question, or to arrange your purchase, please email


Drypoint etchings are drawn directly onto a copper plate and capture the transient moments of changing tides and sweeping gulls of Gloucester Harbor. These drypoints document Gloucester harbor from the 1980s. They were editioned by Bob Townsend at R.E. Townsend Studio in Georgetown Ma. 
Fisherman’s Wharf - $475.00
Drypoint Etching, Size 12" x 11.75"

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