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The Gender Agenda

A monthly round-up of the latest news on gender equality

This month we have seen some real highs and lows for women. The USA women’s soccer team’s home shirt became the highest selling soccer shirt ever on in a single season. But this happened as the team are currently suing their sports body for equal pay because players in the men’s team – who are less watched and bring in less advertising money – are paid much more than players in the women’s team. On the other hand, Jolie Hodson took up her role as CEO of Spark  on Monday, bucking the trend to become one of only a very few women CEOs of large companies in NZ. Similarly, for the first time in 60 years women have been appointed to lead the EU’s top institutions  – the European Commission and the European Central Bank. 
Below, we have assembled a collection of stories from the last month representing some interesting developments in the world of gender.
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- Kaisa Wilson, Director, Gender Tick

Discrimination and harassment hold women leaders back – survey

9 out of 10 girls surveyed believed that being a leader meant being treated unfairly compared to men, and experiencing unwanted physical contact. This effect was stronger among girls who had some experience of leadership, which means girls tend to be optimistic until they become leaders, when they change their views, perhaps based on negative first-hand experiences.

Will AI reduce hiring bias?

Far from helping to eliminate our biases, AI may reproduce and even exaggerate biases. We must ensure we don’t perpetuate gender inequality through the use of AI and other technological developments. One way to do this is to review algorithms and code, for ‘unconscious bias’ that may have crept in.

Why Women, but Not Men, Are Judged for a Messy House

Suprising no woman anywhere, three recently published studies confirm that housework is still considered women’s work — especially for women who are living with men.

The UK has banned 'harmful' gender stereotypes in ads

Good riddance to the idiot man around the house, the long suffering woman rolling her eyes beside him and many other tiresome tropes. NZ should follow suit.

State of the World’s Fathers: Unlocking the Power of Men’s Care

This report is challenging men to increase their time spent doing unpaid care work by a minimum of 50 minutes a day to reach a semblance of gender equality in the home. That doesn't seem like too much to ask.

The impact of gender norms on health - series of studies

The Lancet journal out of the UK is publishing a series of articles aimed at informing the global health community of the critical need to recognise and transform restrictive gender norms and gender inequalities, and their impact on health.
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