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V.I.C. (Very Important Chair)

Dates: 19 September - 5 October 2014 (closed on Saturdays, 20 and 27 September)
Opening and Cocktail: Thursday, 18 September 2014 from 6 pm
Address: domain de Pont Chevron, 45250 Ouzouer-sur-Trézée, France,

Very Important Chair is a collective itinerant project initiated and curated by Alexandru Popovici. It is about a chair seat with a specific history that is multiplied and offered to various artists to be personalized. The chair's prototype has been recovered from the debris of the abandoned Simerom factory building in Sibiu, Romania. The last V.I.C. show was hosted at Baril Gallery in Cluj, Romania.

"En réaction au communisme, au fascisme, à la croissance démentielle, à l’oubli de l’homme, le projet  V.I.C. (Very Important Chair) a l’ambition de réunir quelques 2200 artistes et intellectuels internationaux, invités à imaginer un avatar personnalisé du tabouret V.I.C. pour manifester en faveur de la dignité, la diversité, l’identité et la liberté." Alexandru Popovici

my works within the project

Water for Avatar

My contribution to V.I.C. consisted in integrating the 2 chair seats that I received within my studio practice and personal life for a period of several months. 

My routine involves talking documentary walks in marginal parts of the city. I find inspiration in the constant struggle between the urban and natural landscape that one can witness in such locations. There are a lot of abandoned dogs that I have been encountered and at some point I made a habit out of giving them some food and take photographs of them. By the time that I received the V.I.C. seats, I was in need of some sort of water bowl to carry with me in order to also give them water. I fashioned one from the first chair and while waxing it, I use it in my studio for a performance I filmed, in which I made a small wax statuette of a dog to materialized itself out of the wax cast I took from of a dog's paw print in mud.

I carried the water bowl with me for a couple of months and use it to give water to almost all the dogs I have encountered. The process was documented and combined with my studio performance to be edited as a 30 minute video entitled "Water for Avatar".

I used the second wooden seat to carve an image of a dog drinking water from a mud pool. With this plate I have manually produced a series of 50 xylographs of 42 x 29,5 cm. each, signed and numbered. For each one I made a paper folder with an original design involving straight graphite lines that connect perforated holes I applied through the paper, as to resemble the geometric representation of constellations. In order to close the series of printed images, I "destroyed" the carved model with one final constellation that is to remain visible on the black painted wood.

I collected all objects I used as tools during this project and put them together in a temporary studio installation. While the black seat can be exhibited in any manner, it is my intention to always exhibit the water bowl on the floor, filled with fresh water.

Please follow this link for the complete documentation of the project.

my portfolio website

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Cătălin PetriÅŸor (b. 1978) is a visual artist from Craiova, Romania that works in painting, video, drawing, photography, installation and intervention in public space.

Last year PetriÅŸor was selected among the finalists of the Celeste Prize. 
His last solo show is The Distance Itself, a third time collaboration with C-Space Gallery in Beijing. The project comprises one video and 8 paintings. A few small found objects and debris are scattered across the galley space, sometimes on the shelf formed by the depth of the paintings stretchers' top bars.

In 2012 he exhibited Geometry of Human Nature, a project curated by Maria Rus Bojan at Galerie Dix9 in Paris. 
He obtained MFA of the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca in Romania in 2004.
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