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#FFFFFF - #000000
Dates │ May 22 - June 22, 2013
Opening │ Thursday May 22, 6-9 pm
Venue │ Galerie Dix9, 19 rue des Filles du Calvaire 75003 Paris
Curator │ the artist Mehdi-Georges Lahlou
Artists │ Marie Aerts, Robert Barry, Eric Baskauskas & Doro Boehme, Hans Bellmer, Pierre Bismuth, Amir Brito Cadôr, Andrew Dadson, Herman de Vries, Pierre Giquel, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Sara MacKillop, André Marfaing, Pierre Molinier, Marius Nedelcu, Aurélie Noury, Cătălin Petrişor, Pascale Rémita, Sarkis, Marion Tampon-Lajarriette, Bernar Venet, Daniel Walravens, Eric Watier, Rémy Zaugg
# FFFFFF and # 000000 respectively denote  the two extremes of the spectrum, HTML codes of the colours white and black. Paradigm of illusion, digital reading environment is a series of numbers, letters and signs. When seen,  it produces shapes and colors. The question raised is the ontological status of colors reduced to a set of symbols . However from what  I can see, it is black and it is white.
The history of art is also one of its mediums. If form follows function, one could translate the statement to clear that interdepence between the work and its medium. Each has occurred at different times in history, has its own characteristics, conditioning, if not requiring, the very expression of the form.
This group exhibition, bringing together different mediums around a common theme, reflects this phenomenon. Manifestations of black and white that we are showing in this exhibition are all carried by their mode of expression and in the wake of it, by the collective imagination linked to it.
Photography, heritage of the darkroom, is probing the depths of Pierre Molinier’s soul - Painting, in the vibrant paste for oil by Catalin Petrisor or in sensitive keys for almost misty watercolor by Pascale Rémita - Ink wash by André Marfaing, spreading black ink - Etching by Hans Bellmer, reversing the positive to negative - Video with Marion Tampon-Lajarriette which captures black and white movies by Bertolucci and  Garrel, all evoke a history of cinema - Sculpture  with the black stuffed birds by Marie Aerts  or with  Marius Nedelcu, fastening the graphite and eraser - The artist's book, as with Sarkis and Daniel Walravens, for which the study of a color , which is by definition achromatic, gives a near to zero luminance and allows only low discernment that leads  to an empty volume - and finally Writing, lying black on white, worn by the poetry of Pierre Giquel.

All these works figure as many hypotheses delivered under a view temporarily a-chromate  in order to subscribe to the successful formula by Gaston Bachelard:  "black is the color of refuge".
For further inquiries on this project please contact:
Galerie Dix9
19 rue des Filles du Calvaire 75003 Paris
Hélène Lacharmoise :+33 (0)6 33 62 94 07
my work within the project


No title,
oil on canvas,
215 x 145 cm.
courtesy of the artist and Galerie Dix9

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Cătălin Petrişor (b. 1978) is a visual artist from Craiova, Romania. His paintings are seamless renditions based on cut-outs from found or owned photographs, above which he sometimes overlaps contour drawings made in graphite. He favors elusive subjects deliberately kept opened to multiple interpretations.


This year his works were presented by Galerie Dix9 at Art Rotterdam and Cutlog New York.


His last project is "A Conscious Choice for Temporary Blindness", a duo-show with Ana Maria Micu, at Mind Set Art Center in Taipei. Simona Vilău describes it as "an abstract and contradictory experiment, in which the two individuals, working in the field of visuality, try to imagine themselves as temporarily blinded, in a solely attempt to record the blurred memory incorporated in an affective distance between two specific moments in the past."

He obtained MFA of the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca in Romania in 2004.
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