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winter greetings
There's nothing wrong with things ending well, 2011, oil and graphite on canvas, 70 x 49 cm.

Dear friends, colleagues and collaborators,

Marvel at Christmas and party on New Year's Eve!
the new collectors book
Leap of faith, 2011, oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm.,
courtesy of Năsui Gallery and Pecherskiy Galley

“Leap of faith" has been included in 2012 edition of The New Collectors Book. The digital archive is online, available for browsing, while the printed version will be launched in January, as announced below.
Basak Malone LLC is pleased to release the The New Collectors Book/2012 Edition to the public.
The New Collectors Book operates as a showcase publication dedicated to raising awareness for a range of fine arts. Providing an opportunity to appreciate a variety of artworks to both the art world professionals and to those who simply wish to enjoy and acknowledge art.
The New Collectors Book launch party will accompany a group exhibition featuring artists from the book.
The New Collectors Selection exhibition will feature:
Jan Banlenberg, Knut Peter-Hoffmann, Tommy Jensen, Bernadette Kirsten, Jean James, Boris Kacic, Alexandra Khan, Gaby Koeter, Yara Buyda, Gunilla Larsen, Reija Karjalainen, Gunilla Daga, Peter Drakö, Alexey Marroquin, Aase-Hilde Brekke, Maria Kisook Kim, Saskia Weishut , Barbara Palka Winek, Karin Sofia Ocaña, Eva Koethen, Charlotte Widmark, Eva Buchrainer, Swen Dudek, Dagmar Göğdün, Lorena Ulpiani, Asa Maria Hedberg, Eva Westman Linné , Bengt Johansson.
The New Collectors Selection exhibition will start January 7th, 2012 and continue until February 6th.
Basak Malone LLC will hold a reception party on January 7th, between 7-9 pm.

Ward-Nasse Gallery
178 Prince Street (Between Thompson and Sullivan)
10012, New York, NY

To buy the book online please go to:
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My website has been periodically updated lately with new works. “Settlement” is the last painting I finished. It is an image of a waterfall flipped vertically, hence resembling a complete new landscape, as seen by one standing with the back at a cave’s entrance. Juxtaposing on this scene a drawing of an iron and cement slide, marked with graffiti, replaced from a playground in Craiova, was enough for me to establish a possible new habitat.

I got the chance to visit Tel Aviv recently, in relation with “Colouring the Grey - State of Mind”. I brought back a hundred or so photos with street art, now selected and uploaded in an album.

Cătălin Petrişor (b. 1978) is a visual artist from Craiova, Romania. He obtained MFA of the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca in 2004. The next year, he participated at IBCA in Prague. Two of his works were acquired by the Czech National Gallery for its permanent collection. As an extension of collaborating with curator Maria Rus Bojan and C-Space Gallery, Beijing, he participated at several international group shows and art fairs, in an independent temporary venue in Amsterdam or at Hendershot Gallery, New York. After the exhibition in Amsterdam, entitled “....Expectations”, one of his works were acquired by De Nederlandsche Bank's Collection, being included next year within “Acquisitions 2009 – a selection”, a group show that annually brings the collection to the public eye.

  His practice evolved around painting, but he also approached installation, as in “Urban Fictions”, 2009, curator Irina Cios, organized by ICCA at The Ark Gallery in Bucharest and in “Trivia knowledge” exhibited as part of “Colouring the Grey. The Second wave of the contemporary Romanian artists”, curated by Cosmin Năsui, in Special Projects section of the Fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. The group show “Colouring the Grey” was itinerated with its sequel “Colouring the Grey - State of Mind” at Artists House, in Tel Aviv and it is planned to continue in 2012 in other European countries.
  This year he was presented with Paul Neagu by Jecza & Ross Gallery, in The-solo-project, the foremost satellite fair in Basel, resembling more a series of considered gallery type shows, with in depth views of individual artists work. Towards the end of 2011, Petrisor’s works were also on display within “Post Humanism”, a project that tackles the transition from post industrial to informational era, curated by Cosmin Năsui for Pecherskiy Galley (formerly known as V-art), Moscow.
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