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A Rational Response to Dubious Claims

In today's society, where spin and controversy are frequently valued over facts and substance, it is vital to have a strong voice for scientific integrity wherever public policy is made. Bad Science Watch is committed to being that voice. We are here to represent you and your values and speak out for rational public policy based on sound science at the local, provincial, and national levels.
But there are so many corporate-funded opponents trying to silence us; to drown out rational arguments. We need your help to make sure those arguments are heard!

“Bad Science Watch is a filter that informs and exposes poor or non-existent scientific rigor when societal and health issues are raised. A good dose of skepticism is often the best medicine, and a reflex that must be nurtured with dollars to increase visibility and impact." 

Benoit Chabot Ph.D., Professor, Université de Sherbrooke  
Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomics
Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences 

Our campaigns and research have influenced national health and safety regulations and helped families to make better, more informed decisions about their health. Now we are engaging with Health Canada through consultations on natural health product licensing, investigating the flaunting of marketing regulations by sellers of homeopathic preparations, and working to remove unjustified exclusions from Bill C-17 - the Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act ("Vanessa's Law"). We need your financial support so we can continue these initiatives and others like them.

“As skeptics and science enthusiasts, we proportion our beliefs to the evidence, requiring extraordinary claims to be backed up by extraordinary evidence. We support Bad Science Watch because we want Canadian regulations and policies to be based on the best available scientific evidence, not on fear-mongering or pseudoscience.”

- Fred Bremmer, Vancouver Skeptics

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