Our most important and fundamental value: compassion
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Compassion - Our Motivator

We finish this series with our most important and fundamental value: compassion.
Why was Bad Science Watch founded? Why do we devote our time and money to this cause? Why are our volunteers working tirelessly to combat bad science in public policy? Compassion.

We care about our families, our friends, our communities, and our country. We are outraged that in a wealthy developed nation like Canada, in 2014, infants are still dying from vaccine-preventable diseases. We detest the manipulation, misrepresentation, and dismissal of science when it has the power to save lives. We cannot sit idly by while others are lied to and exploited in their times of need. 

We also care about the people who make bad decisions, counter to the best scientific evidence. They need our help the most - to clarify controversial issues, make information accessible, and fight to strengthen consumer protection.

“Consumer protection is inherently a compassionate enterprise, and I've been consistently impressed with how focused all of the volunteers at Bad Science Watch are on making Canada a better, safer place to live. It’s our priority to help Canadians by ensuring that they have the information they need to make informed choices.”

Gem Newman, Bad Science Watch Board member, Winnipeg, MB

Putting People First

Canadian natural health product regulations favour manufacturers over the public, thanks to lobbyists and special interest groups. We are fighting back and working to reverse the trend of weaker and weaker policies that have led to the rubber-stamp approval of over 60,000 products, of which many are completely ineffective. We do this on the behalf of Canadians who are suffering from illness and being taken advantage of by fake medicine, because the health and safety of our families depends on it.

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We hope you've enjoyed learning about the core values of Bad Science Watch, and why the work we do is so important. We know you care about your fellow Canadians as much as we do: please, commit to a donation of $25 per month, or as much as you can spare, so we can continue to work for Canadian families.
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