Taking the gloves off
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Taking the Gloves Off

Bad Science Watch is committed to standing strong against merchants of misguided medicine, and being forthright - speaking the truth plainly and forcefully, and calling a spade a spade - is an important part of that. We don't pull our punches. When we see bad science in the form of lies, misinformation, and misconceptions, we're not afraid to label it as such and challenge it head on. We are willing to point the finger, to expose fraud and negligence to the public, and bring harsh criticism and pressure to bear on the offenders.

To make an impact in this arena it takes more than just the facts, more than the same tired old arguments. Fighting against the fearsome odds we face, it has taken tenacity, focus, dedication, and the personal investment of everyone involved to achieve what we have so far.

But sheer force of will can't keep us going forever, and at this point we're running on fumes. Is $25, $10, or even just $5 per month really too much to ask to keep our team of volunteers working? To keep Bad Science Watch doing what no other organization in Canada does?

We need you to support us. Won't you help us stay in the fight?

“Bad Science Watch is unrelenting in its pursuit of good science in government and public discourse. They value honest and frank discussion and are not afraid to confront people trying to mislead the public and derail fair debate. They deserve our support and that is why I am a donor.” 

Dr. Richard G L Thain BSc. DDS, Embrun, Ontario

So Many Challenges, So Few Resources

With increasingly serious outbreaks of preventable disease springing up around the country, the dangers of scaremongering by anti-vaxxers is greater than ever. We want to make it more difficult to get vaccination exemptions (for non-medical reasons) for school children - a strategy shown by research to increase vaccination rates.

This and other efforts require a financial capacity that we just don't have at this time. We need sustained, ongoing support that we can depend upon on month after month to plan the long-term, large scale projects needed to make real change!

Please Donate Today

Please sign up today for a monthly donation of $5, $10, $25, or more. More than a one-time donation, we need your ongoing support to continue fighting!
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