Passion and Purpose in the Simpson Desert...
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Location: Big Red

Simpson Desert - Queensland, Australia

It was really just like any other shoot...  with a few exceptions.

- 6 days camping in the desert with all my gear
- A whole batch of Ultra-Marathon runners at my disposal
- Complete artistic freedom in the most amazing location to create whatever my little brain could dream up

Between the fantastic winter light and the limitless horizons, it's a dream to shoot out there.  

This was one of the Gibber Plains crossings a little more than halfway through the DOUBLE MARATHON day...
For those of you who don't know about Ultra Marathons, it's a 250km race over 6 days which basically breaks down like this...

Day 1 - Marathon
Day 2 - Marathon
Day 3 - Marathon
Day 4 - Half Marathon
Day 5 - Double Marathon
Day 6 - 10km Fun Run

Amazing, right?!
The Big Red Run was organized by a fantastic crew, the Born 2 Run Foundation raising money and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.  And the real inspiration came not from the likes of Pat Farmer, and the elite athletes out there... Although their stories are mind boggling.
It really came from the regular folks.  The ones who came out to prove to themselves, their families, and their communities that ANYTHING is possible...  As well as a handful of Type 1 diabetics manually managing their blood sugar under amazingly difficult conditions.
For 6 days I was surrounded by inspired, passionate people involved in something bigger than themselves...  Much bigger than the actual sum of it's parts.

People that dream big and back it up with real world blood, sweat, and tears (of laughter and pain).

I truly can't imagine better working conditions - especially for a creative...

...Maybe just a bit less sand in our shoes...
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