Data Security Review: Issue 08
Data Security Review:
Time to Review Your WISP
Welcome to Issue 8 of the Data Security Review
Hello again,
As usual, summer flew by. As I sit at my desk waiting for the leaves to begin to turn, I am barraged by paperwork. With the beginning of the new school year come all of the forms that need to be filled out: emergency contact, physicals, bus routes etc. All important for a successful, secure school year. As a business owner, it is a reminder that now is the time to review our written information security policy (WISP). In accordance with most regulatory requirements, we recommend that an annual review be performed to ensure security and privacy policies and programs are up to date and current with any business or regulatory changes. Just think of it as another necessary piece of paperwork.

- Michelle Drolet, CEO
Key Insights
Why every business needs a WISP
by Michelle Drolet
If you don't have a written information security program (WISP) in place for your business, then you could be risking data theft, legal action, and punitive fines...
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10 Things I Know About ... Mass. data security rules
by Michelle Drolet
Worcester Business Journal
Here are 10 things you should know about Massachusetts data security rules.
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Here’s how to prevent a lost laptop from hurting your reputation and your bottom line
Laptops are ubiquitous in today’s IT environments. How many of your employees are using laptops in the office, on the road, working from home, or all of the above?
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Securing Your Future with a Virtual CISO
by Michelle Drolet
Dark Matters
The enterprise is facing a dangerous combination of mounting cybersecurity threats of increasing subtlety, and a widening gap in the skills required to identify and combat them. Having someone that knows how to lead the charge in identifying and analyzing threats, creating strategic security plans and ensuring compliance, requires the right level of expertise...
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Ashley Madison self-assessments highlight security fears and failures
Last June, executives and business leaders at Avid Life Media (ALM) responded to an internal Q&A addressing their strengths and fears. This assessment was leaked as part of the documents released by Impact Team this week, and offers a unique insight into how their executives think...
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