Data Security Review: Issue 05
Data Security Review:
Protecting the Crown Jewels
Welcome to Issue 5 of the Data Security Review
Hello again,
As the year is coming to an end, I am thinking about the state of data security. According to 60 Minutes, 97% of all companies are getting breached. This sounds as if there is nothing that we can do. The question remains, what information was breached? At Towerwall, keeping your “crown jewels” safe is our main goal. For 2015, make it a priority to identify your non-negotiable data, the data if breached would cause irreparable harm to your company then build an integrated program to protect it.

- Michelle Drolet, CEO
Key Insights
Build Security Into Your App Development
The way we develop software has been radically transformed in the last few years. Agility and speed are vital components for any company that wants to compete in the market. In order to achieve that it has proven necessary to break down barriers...
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The Invisible Becomes Visible
Trend Micro
More cybercriminals will turn to darknets and exclusive-access forums to share and sell crimeware. Read this prediction and more in Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond.
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The Cybersecurity Skills Gap
by Candy Alexander
SC Magazine
The information security profession, which evolved largely in reaction to threats, is now paying the price of an entire “missing generation.” Companies are challenged finding pros with the combination of business and technical savvy that is needed to combat growing threats...
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Debunking 5 Reasons Businesses Use to Not Invest in Computer Security
by Michelle Drolet
Worcester Business Journal Online
The rise of malware seems to have passed some people by. As the ranks of cybercriminals grow and they find new ways to exploit our systems and steal our data, a lot of computer users and small-business owners have convinced themselves that it won't happen to them...
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Towerwall launching new services to assist you in 2015.
Is your business having a difficult time finding the right person to lead your security efforts? Towerwall’s vCISOs have expertise that spans information security governance, risk, compliance, disaster recovery and more. Stay tuned for more in 2015.

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