Data Security Review: Issue 06
Data Security Review:
What are your security layers?
Welcome to Issue 6 of the Data Security Review
Hello again,
Here in New England, our epic winter is coming to an end and the snow is beginning to melt. As this occurs, the ground underneath has uncovered a desolate landscape of trash. This was not the green spring that I was hoping for. When your top layer of security melts, what is underneath? Is your data security layers deep or have you just ticked off the data compliance checkboxes? At Towerwall, we feel that a first step should always be a Risk Assessment. Find out where you are vulnerable, what is vulnerable and then develop your data security roadmap. Don’t let a sudden thaw expose any security flaws in your environment.

- Michelle Drolet, CEO
Key Insights
Throw your vendor under the bus? Not quite so fast
by Michelle Drolet
Towerwall Blog
In everyday business, a complex set of external relationships is commonplace. Services, infrastructure, and even software live in the cloud, supplied by third-parties. An organization’s value is often in the data it generates, but how secure is that data across your digital supply chain?
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#TGIF, you IT rock stars.
Yeah, that's right. You're a Special Ops Tech Warrior with a black belt in Genius. You're a computer guy, IT manager, system administrator - but what does that really mean? You keep the world running. Rock on, IT Rock Star...
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How to keep cybercriminals out of your apps
by Michelle Drolet
Cybercriminals had a fantastic time in 2014 – breaching major retailers such as Home Depot and Kmart, major financial institutions (notably JPMorgan Chase), and a slew of smaller companies...
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Get HIPAA Secure Today
Get HIPAA secure today with a personal consultation. Plus learn the easiest way to secure PHI and avoid fines of in excess of $1,000,000...
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Keeping the CIO from Being Fired and Preventing the Next Snowden
IT Business Edge
I spent part of my afternoon on Tuesday chatting with an IT manager and an internal audit manager at a large U.S. stock brokerage about how they had successfully implemented a document security solution...
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Towerwall vCISO Program
A New Approach to Chief Information Security Officer
Recognizing many small and mid-sized companies have security concerns, yet do not warrant a full-time position, the Towerwall vCISO Platform has been built with your business needs in mind. Its lightweight, flexible and scalable all without compromising your security and business needs. Gain direct access to a team of senior level security professionals at a fraction of the cost, all without sacrificing results.

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