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February 21, 2017

Dear Subscriber

I write to you as the signs of spring are appearing everywhere, lifting spirits and energising nature. This annual rite of seasonal passage is a reminder of the constancy of rebirth, and that just as snowdrops die and then return, and hedgerows seem dead overwinter before pushing out their new growth in a sudden flash of colour, so we too, like nature, will always return to life as long as we are a part of the Planet.

Before it is reborn, everything and everyone must die, leaving the ghost of life to live on in another way. I have noticed in recent months, and the beginning of this year in particular, how many people and also animals are choosing to move to another dimension, sometimes suddenly and seemingly prematurely. Every such situation is different and personal, and painful.

I have been struck by the bravery and acceptance of many of those I know about. Often, there is little fear of the dying process, instead an equanimity mixed with gratitude for what has been helps make the passing wonderful and assists greatly the feelings of their loved ones at a time when all feelings are heightened. Even if the departing soul cannot speak, the message is there.

This is indeed a time of death and rebirth in every sense, and the signs of new beginnings are everywhere, not just in the spring flowers. While the human world may not look pretty sometimes, beneath the signs of frailty and disintegration there is beauty and the promise of great things to come. See within yourself the dying of what no longer serves you, of lessons well-learned and of connections that are spent; be thankful for what they have given you as you feel the blossoming of new growth within and see the promise of good things to come, without. This is your time.
Know that all is well for you.

I send you my love, as always


Spiritual Growth

Notice the Beauty

 Every thing on Earth is very beautiful, but too often we do not see that beauty because we are in a hurry, preoccupied by our thoughts, or just unfocused.

If you can, whenever you can, slow down and look with awareness at whatever your eyes see in that moment. It may be orange peel left on the ground, the folds of crumpled material on your lap, the colours on your computer screen, or the grace of a flying bird – nothing is ugly or unremarkable.

Practising seeing the true beauty everywhere around us keeps us in the moment and silences the mind: most importantly, it connects us with Spirit as we look at our amazing world with the eyes and the love of the soul.

Recommendation for February


The bacterial health of our digestive system is more and more being recognised as crucial to our wellbeing, and for the prevention of serious health issues.

A recent BBC documentary (Trust Me, I’m a Doctor) explored the best sources of food or drink to help “the gut microbiome” and found that the fermented drink, kefir, preferably unpasteurised, gave significantly greatest benefits to the gut.

I have been a fan of kefir for years! Making your own using raw milk is best, but unpasterurised milk can be hard to obtain and making kefir can be time-consuming. An excellent source of natural kefir is the Chuckling Goat, which provides raw or pasteurised goats’ milk kefir from their farm in Wales.

(If you would like to order raw milk kefir, call the Chuckling Goat office to discuss what you need. Pasteurised kefir can be ordered online.)

A Universal Law Card to Ponder

The Law of Rhythm

…….is connected to the Law of Cycles, but is focused on the balanced nature of the rhythm of your emotions, or the tides, for example.

It is about movement - for nothing stands still -, equilibrium and balance, and it is up to you as to which swing of the pendulum you choose.


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