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June 22, 2015

Dear Subscriber

This month, unusually for me, I was not looking forward to the June Solstice. It felt as if it was here too soon, almost before the year had begun, and the cool summer here in the UK made the thought of lengthening nights and shorter days and the approach of autumn unappealing.  The first six months of this year have gone by rapidly, and the sense of time accelerating into a spiral of major change was deep. I felt strongly the certainty that nothing is certain.

On Sunday, the day of the Solstice, I reflected on how I had been feeling and how irrational my reluctance was. I was able to spend most of the day outside, and through watching the froglets emerge from the ponds, seeing slow worms basking in a rather meagre sunshine, and hearing dozens of fledglings chattering above my head, I was reminded me of the constant continuity of nature in this time of human uncertainty, and of her love. It is no coincidence that I drew the Universal Law card of Unconditional Love for the newsletter this morning.

Whatever happens, I know the six months to come will be good, and I look forward to the uncertainty and the passage of time that will take me, and you, and all our human race on adventures we would not dream to be possible. I intend to make every day one of celebration, even if it is something as small as seeing a rose come into flower. For the rose it is a great event, and it can be for me also.

Enjoy your celebrations too. Know that all is well.

I send you my love, as always


Public Channelling

I recorded the new public channelling last week, just before the Solstice, and I am very grateful to those of you who took the time to submit questions for it. They were excellent! They included topics on:

  • how to solve the Mediterranean migrant problem
  • endangered wildlife
  • the source of water on Earth
  • extra terrestrials and the technology of ancient Egypt
  • Mother Earth, her feelings and progression
  • "backdrop people"
  • Earth’s role in the Plan of God, and about the Plan itself
  • the emergence of the New Earth
  • the lifespan of children today
  • the unravelling of the global financial systems

Almost every question was put and answered, and if yours was not included directly, it was either because it had been asked before or because it was used as part of another similar question.

I give my thanks to Semele Xerri for her excellent work as facilitator and interlocutor.
The recording, which is free, can be accessed by clicking here

Spiritual Growth - Cut Back on Technology

Your smart phone, i-pad, the internet and social media are useful tools but also are playthings for the mind. The more your mind is pre-occupied with these toys, the more separated you are from Spirit, which needs you to be in a place of peace and mental stillness in order to reach you and help you grow.

This month, at least, I suggest you find a way to cut back on technology to enable you to be present in the moment without distraction. You may like to put your phone away during the evening, or to find a couple of hours somewhere in your day when you forego the internet, and all computer-like devices, including your phone and social media. They are fun and useful, but can take over lives to the detriment of soul and well-being.

Recommendation of the Month
Aluna Gena

“At Aluna Gena we feel passionate about providing simple ways to help cleanse and nourish the internal waters of the body as a way to help provide a reflection in healing the waters of our beautiful World.” These words of welcome on the Aluna Gena website sum up their ethos of simplicity, balance, and honouring the Planet, which I respect.

I have tried a few of their products, many of which are unusua if not unique, and I like in particular their Sacred Tree Remedies.

Their website is well worth a look.

A Universal Law to Ponder
The Law of (Unconditional) Love

…is about giving honour, respect and compassion within the umbrella of love to every living thing, including yourself.
This is the heart of spirituality.
More information about my card set of the 88 Universal Laws can be found here.


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