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New Meditation for Wesak

Dear <<First Name>>

It will be the Full Moon that marks Wesak on Wednesday, and so it will be one that is especially significant. To me, it is the highlight of the spiritual calendar, being the moment when Lord Buddha returns briefly to Earth to bring the blessing and the love of God to humanity. It is the time when all enlightened souls of whatever degree or experience come together to witness this mystical event, and to participate in a ritual that has taken place annually since the world began.

You are there too, you are an important part of this great festival along with the members of your soul group and your Master; you are seen by all who are there in the reality of your soul, glowing with the light and beauty of who you are in your truth and in your essence.

The event takes place and you are present, but it is rare for the conscious, limited, human mind to remember. So, I have recorded a new guided meditation for this time of Wesak, to help you experience knowingly the solemn rituals of the ceremony and the coming together of all souls. It is free, and lasts for 31 minutes. If you choose to do it, I suggest you do so as close as possible to Wesak: the Full Moon is at 1916 GMT on 14th May.

Remember, Wesak this year comes immediately after a 4 week period encompassing the Easter Full Moon, a lunar and a solar eclipse, and a Cardinal Grand Cross. It is the climax of a significant time of changing energy and opportunity, one that affects us all profoundly. To honour this time is appropriate, and it is an opportunity for spiritual expansion which comes rarely.

Perhaps we will meet on a Himalayan plateau in Tibet next week? I will look out for you – and then we have the Christ Festival in June……..this is such a special time.

The free meditation can be accessed here.

(This image of Buddha is by nomo/michael hoefner)

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