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September 07, 2015

Dear Subscriber

When I prepare to write to you in this way, I draw a Universal Law card first, and always it guides my thought and words, and shapes the content of my newsletter.

This month, I was given the Spiritual Law is the Law of Abundance, and just hearing the expression fills me with joy. Abundance is everywhere but so often we fail to see it, or create the sort of abundance that is unhelpful, such as an abundance of anger, suffering or over-reaction. We make our own reality, and while, inevitably, we may experience periods of pain or anxiety in our lives for learning and growth, the more, then, we are able to appreciate the gifts around us, and the more we can minimise the times of discomfort.

 Maintaining a constant sense of serenity and discernment is what brings abundance and prevents negativity from mind and emotions affecting us. This place of peace comes from seeing the beauty in all things and all people, whether it is remembering the stars are shining still behind grey clouds above us; admiring the fortitude of refugees – forgotten as well as visible - with gratitude for how they are re-shaping the world; knowing, as we witness the destruction of ancient monuments, that everything dies in time, having had its moment; believing, as we see the damage caused by man, that nature is far stronger and will survive, even if the human race, one day, does not. It is spiritual pragmatism, and this approach brings great rewards.

As humanity seems on the brink of falling apart, with a new disturbing reality forcing itself upon our awareness, a mixture of fear, compassion and helplessness can inhibit common sense and fuel emotion: try always to see the truth behind the rhetoric, and the way forward will be clear.

I hope your world is full of serene abundance: it is yours to claim, and have.

Know that all is well.

I send you my love, as always


The Christ Elixir - a Special Offer

All the elixirs I have made over recent years have been special, but the one that remains the most popular is the Christ Elixir, the Elixir of Healing.

People have used it, time after time, for cleansing polluted waters; for blessing and helping sacred sites that have been damaged by conflict of negativity; for healing children and animals; for helping meditation and bringing calmness; for healing houses; and for connecting with the energy and presence of Christ.

I was reminded of the power of the essence this week, when a client and friend wrote to me to tell me how her badly infected finger had healed after she applied some of the Christ Elixir on the wound, calling it “a miracle”, and I believe that it is indeed extraordinary.

I would love you to try it too, if you have not done so already, and so I am offering it for sale  with a discount of 20% from now until the end of September.  So, the cost is £8.00 only per bottle, (plus postage of £3.50 within the UK, £4.99 for international postage).

You can buy the Elixir from the Inlumino Global Shop, or if you prefer I can process your order through the office directly, if you let me have your payment details.
Please e-mail me,, if you need any further information, or help.

Spiritual Growth

Power Animals
One of the blessings of being an embodied soul is that we have much spiritual support around us all the time. You will be aware, I am sure, about your Guides and Master, about your guardian angel and the many spirits that are around you in the world of nature: I wonder how often you remember your power animal(s)?

With you all the time, throughout your soul journey, is an animal totem that usually is non-physical, but may sometimes be in your life by overshadowing a special and beloved pet. This power animal – which may be a bird, fish or insect too – protects and supports you always. It can take you on magical journeys, it can consume your pain and help to heal you. It can guide and advise you with great wisdom, and guards your path and even property if you ask.  

Communication with your power animal is very important, for without it, the animal will be separated from you and unable to do its work and greatest wish, which is to help you and be with you. You are a team.

You can discover the nature of your power animal through shamanic ritual, or you can ask to be given its identity: if, after asking the question,  you see the same sort of animal three times in your everyday life in a short period of time, whether in a book, on television or in the flesh, it is likely to be the answer you seek. 

When you know what your power animal is, honour it by putting a picture, or feather, or ornament depicting the animal near the place where you sit or sleep – and talk to it – often.

Recommendation of the Month

A Book of Hours by Thomas Merton
Thomas Merton was a monk, poet and spiritual writer who died in 1968. This book brings together some of his most powerful and inspiring writings, arranged as prayers and providing great food for contemplation. It can be read as a Christian prayer book or as a book of universal spiritual wisdom, and I find it a wonderful, comforting, reminder and teacher.

It is one book I keep by me all the time, and I derive much pleasure in opening it at random, and finding, always, the perfect, eloquent sentence on the page before me, for me, that takes me instantly to the world of Spirit.

I love this book, and recommend it highly.
(The link relates to the Kindle edition – a hardback edition is available also through Amazon.)

A Universal Law to Ponder

The Law of Abundance
……is the ability to manifest abundance, not just in terms of money but in friendship, peace and joy, for example.

Ensure when invoking this law that you ask for positive and not negative abundance. Who wants an abundance of sorrow, unnecessarily?

More information about my card set of the 88 Universal Laws can be found here.


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