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The Easter Meditation

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The Easter story is much loved for its message of sacrifice and hope. What does it mean to you, I wonder? How do you feel when you think about what is said to have happened? Do you believe in it?

For me, while there is important symbolism underpinning the reported events of the Crucifixion, truth and fact are a part of it also, though there has been misrepresentation, too, for political or subjective reasons by those who were there or those who came after. Memory plays a part in my sense of what happened, and it may be you have your own awareness too.

My new guided meditation for this Easter centres on what happened, what really happened (according to my recollections and guidance), and the part you played at this crucial time for humanity, and for the Master Jesus. It is a meditation of joy and triumph, but you may find it painful momentarily as your memory is stirred and you relive a past that touched your soul deeply and forever. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, pause and rest and resume when you are ready.

The meditation lasts for 26 minutes, and can be accessed by clicking here.

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And Finally.......

I wish you a peaceful, gentle Easter as the winds of change blow. The Easter Moon, the first of the three great spiritual festivals, is on Saturday, and it is an eclipse too: it would be a perfect time to do the meditation, if you are drawn to do so. You may meet some friends there?

With my love and every good wish, always



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