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The Importance of Caring - and a Course on the 7 Rays

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Wherever you are as you read my words today, you will be the witness to or a participant in these great events that stir the world. While they have been anticipated for years and so come as little surprise to those, like you, who have chosen to see the truth, nonetheless the sight of parched and frozen lands in the US, of devastating tempests in the gentle lands of Britain, of heat and fire in Australia, and floods in many parts of the planet, is shocking.

It is nature’s way and nature’s message, but it can be hard to accept that these elemental challenges will continue, and increase, and for many sceptics the greatest difficulty lies in admitting they were wrong in denying the existence of man-made climate change.

It is good that a new realism is entering the debate, and it may enable a radical strategy of co-operation with rather than opposition to, the non-human world that shares ours. If it does not, life may be harder than it need be.

A sense of impotence is about in these places of weather extreme: while rescue services assist the emergencies and populations wait for the weather to change, there is uncertainty about how to manage the future, and what can be done, realistically, to defend land and property from overwhelming heat, cold and water. We watch and wait and help where we can, but what otherwise can we do? I have an answer, and it is to care.

If you care, if everyone who reads this Update cares, if others beyond, care too, it will change attitude, belief, and outcomes at many levels. Care for the displaced, the homeless, the sick, the needy, the pets and the animals, the birds and the bats, the lands and the leaders… without judgment, care with love, and care for yourself. Please.

Meanwhile, life goes on, and I would like you to know about a new 3-part audio course on the 7 Cosmic Rays I am offering shortly. Some details are given below, with more available on my website.


New Course on the 7 Cosmic Rays

I am happy to let you know about my new 3-part intensive audio course on the 7 Rays which will be available soon, conducted in the context of our changing world and your own spiritual and human journey through this lifetime and beyond.
The course will consist of three hour-long recordings by me, provided as mp3 downloads; they will be available to buy at the time of your choosing, between 20th March – 20th June 2014, through the internet.
Inspiration and Transformation through the 7 Cosmic Rays: Uncovering your Gifts, Accelerating your Soul Journey
Through teaching, practical exercises and guided meditations created for the course, you will:
  • Learn about the nature, meaning and importance of the Rays
  • Explore your soul journey, and how the Rays influence it
  • Be given the tools to identify which Rays govern your soul, personality, mind, body, and emotions, as well as that part of you which is Spirit
  • Uncover your human gifts, and, through your knowledge of the Rays, learn how to both enhance them, as well as use them to turn your frailties into strengths.
  • Discover how your relationships and other human factors are affected directly by the Rays, and what you can do about it
  • Understand the impact of the Rays on world events, especially the ascension of the Planet
  • Through your fuller understanding of the meaning of the Rays, be ready to epitomise the qualities of your soul, which essentially is the reason for your existence. You will learn to be who you are.
Further details can be found on my website, including details about each of the 3 sessions, the fee, booking, and a draw, for existing clients only, for a free place on the course as a thank you for your loyalty.

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And Finally.......

Know that all is well.
I send you my love, as always
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