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The New Crystal Elixir of Revelation

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This is a bittersweet time for our world as we witness war, death, disease and famine near and far. The biblical prophecies of the Book of Revelations are about the end of time as we have known it – but an ending leads to a new beginning, and we are at the point of turning from one finished cycle of existence to another such as we have never known before: it will be a cycle of knowledge, truth and empowerment, when we will understand our world and our place in it with vivid, even shocking clarity. I write about an era of revolution and revelation.


The Elixir of Revelation

Against this backdrop, I knew I must create another Crystal Elixir this year, and then that it must happen at the September Equinox. As the time drew near, I recognised that it was to be the Elixir of Revelation, and that it would be influenced by, and part of, the 5th of the great Cosmic Rays – the Ray of Knowledge.

And so it was done, and the Elixir was complete at the time of the Full, Blood Moon (the Moon symbolising the End Times) last week, the 7th in the collection of Crystal Elixirs. It is available for use now.
If you are ready:
  • the Elixir of Revelation will help you to see the whole truth, and to know what to do with your new clarity
  • it will highlight the illusions in your life and the outside world, and you will see yourself, others and your environment with new, knowing eyes
  • it will give you the opportunity to see through the Veil of Oblivion to the reality of Spirit, and you will see the inter-dimensional world in a way you have never experienced before
  • it will affect, positively, all aspects of your life and at every level
  • it will support you through a time of profound and essential change
 The Elixir is remarkable in many ways, and every person using it will feel its impact differently.
 How to use the Elixir: I suggest you take 2 drops under the tongue twice daily, ideally first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You may wish, too, to put a drop on your third eye while meditating or working deeply, or if you have decisions to make or problems to resolve.
Ingredients: pure Welsh water, crystal essences, brandy.
Supplied in 15 ml flame-coloured bottles, to reflect the colour and energy of the Fifth Ray of Knowledge.
Price: £10.00 each bottle, plus postage.
How to order: Please go the website Shop for more information or to order an Elixir of Revelation (or one of my other Elixirs), or contact me in the Office if you prefer to place your order directly through me.

The Other Elixirs

My other Crystal Elixirs, for now, are:  

And Finally.......

Before I leave you, for now, please remember that, through light and Spirit, you are connected with all life everywhere. This includes those who are the victims of Ebola, those who fight for ISIL, and those who oppose them.

So, you are part of all the tragedies and crises that abound, and are a part also of the saints and angels who selflessly enter the places of suffering and darkness in order to assist those who are in great pain. Help all of them, if you will, with your prayers.

Know that all is well.

I send you my love, as always


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