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Parachutes, and a New Public Channelling

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Spring here in mid-Wales is filled with abundance, and I am grateful every day for the warmth and sunshine, showers and breeze which combine perfectly to provide perfect conditions for the breeding birds and other wildlife. I have never known so many nests, nor seen so many parents flying about with grubs and insects crammed into their beaks to give to their young. There is no shortage of food for the wildlife, this year, and it is a pleasure to see hundreds of bats fly out from the maternity roost in the chimney and from under the house shingles at dusk in pursuit of moths and other bugs every night.

The conditions that are ideal for nature have their effect on we humans too, bringing a semi-tropical sense of heaviness to the air that I have found is reflected energetically too. A number of people have told me they feel lethargic, stuck, stifled, almost as if they are in limbo, waiting for the time to pass. And then what, I wonder? This is so much the betwixt and between time when we are poised between past and future, old and new, and it is natural to feel reluctance to let go of the familiar and the safe, and to embark upon the path to the unknown. It is as if you are sitting in the door of a high-flying helicopter, waiting to be pushed out, then to find that rather than falling to your death, your spiritual parachute is there and now you can fly. And you can, and you do – and soon you will know for yourself this truth about what you are.

A new Public Channelling

More practically, I would love to have your help once again as I prepare for another question and answer session with the Masters of Light. The public channellings that I offer periodically depend on people like you to provide the questions that form the basis for the session, and in the several years the sessions have taken place, the topics have been relevant and interesting always.

If you have a question or two you would like to put forward, please follow this link and complete the short form that is given. Please remember to make the questions of broad interest, not personal to you only – perhaps to do with current events, planetary matters or on other spiritual matters of interest to you and others. I would be very grateful to have your suggestions.

Once again my friend and colleague Semele Xerri kindly has agreed to collate and ask the questions in a channelling session in early July, and it will be available to hear through the website soon afterwards. There will be no charge.


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And Finally.......

Remember your parachute is securely attached, and that no harm can come to you. It is there to help you fly. Jump.......

I send you my love, as always
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