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Dear <<First Name>>
Welsh Hills

Since I last wrote to you, autumn has advanced perfectly here in mid-Wales, with mild temperatures, wind and rain reminding us of the closing of the year but enabling the hedgerows to remain full of ripe fruits, providing food and nectar for birds, mammals, voles and insects. It is extraordinary, in mid-November, to see swarms of gnats above the ponds, and then, at dusk, to see the bats which should by now have moved to their winter roosts, emerge to feed as if it were June.

Comet Ison’s movement into the Earth’s atmosphere has created tumult and turbulence with the weather: overnight there was quantities of rain and high winds, and today, as I write to you, is a day of wildness when the birds hardly are able to fly and darkness mingles with sun and water to create amazing rainbows. This comet is winged and tailed, very powerful and ruthless also, bringing change where change is needed and challenging the status quo. Already it has been called the Comet of the Century.

Meanwhile, work goes on!

Yoga Magazine

I was pleased to be asked to write an article for this month’s edition of Yoga magazine on “The Soul Journey of Light”. It is about your history, your life and your future, aligned with that of the Planet, and you may find it of interest, perhaps. I am happy to say that Yoga readers seem to like it! It can be read here, on our new Articles page of the website.

Christmas Offer

Christmas OfferThe products offered through the Inlumino Global Shop would make special gifts this Christmas, and I am happy to offer them to you with a discount of 10%, just until 31st December 2013. The crystal elixirs in particular would make pretty stocking fillers, but you may wish to consider the Universal Law Cards, the Meditation CDs, the Ray and Principles Cards, my book, “Spiritual Wisdom”, or even, though not part of the offer, a gift voucher.

All are very reasonably priced, and cannot be found anywhere else. They are available to buy through the Shop, or you may order through the office if you prefer.
(This discount does not apply to services, downloads nor to the gift vouchers.)


Meditation for the Solstice

Nearer the time I will record a new guided meditation for the Solstice, and it will be available through the website as usual from mid -December. I will send you a reminder, along, perhaps, with some reflections on the old and the new year, then.

And All is Well

This has been such a wonderful year, and there is every reason to think that 2014 will be as good if not better.  Despite all the uncertainty in the world, do not fear the future, but know all is well, and that I am here for you.

I send you my love and best wishes, always
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