A new public channelling by the Masters of Light - with your help!

Hoping All is Well with You.....

Dear Chris

It is a few weeks since I last wrote to you, and we have moved from a cool spring and early summer to warmth in abundance, here in mid-Wales. Happiness is everywhere in my garden as nature is in perfect balance; food is plentiful for the wildlife and it has been a wonderful season for breeding the next generation of insects, birds, mammals and amphibians. For the first time in many years house martins have chosen to nest under our roof, and new species of bats have moved into the loft to join the colony of pipistrelles which has been here, tucked into the cedar shingles, for nearly 100 years.

The serenity of this environment is a blessing, and I do not forget the people who suffer in the heat in cities, at night, and as they travel, nor those for whom it brings tragedy though fire and accident - and animals can be badly affected by the heat, too. It is a time of contrast, and it is wonderful to see strong signs of growing community consciousness just when long-hidden secrets about injustice and malpractice are coming to light, worldwide. There will be more, and with the knowledge of the truth will come public demand for our leaders to do better, or to be changed. This is a time to be optimistic, indeed, and I encourage you, in the coming weeks, to observe world events and those closer to home, perhaps, to see the hope that lies beyond the revelations.

On a more personal note, it has been a busy and a full month, and a most rewarding one too - but then, they are so always, one way or another! New clients from different parts of the world have found me somehow, and it is such a pleasure to interact with strangers who become friends, albeit distant ones. The one-to-one intensive training sessions have been a joy, working recently with women of great spiritual wisdom and gifts, and I have been privileged, too, to be a little involved in the passing of the great soul of a great man in another land, yet somehow close to me.

And I have found time to be with nature too.

New Public Channelling

A public channelling session with the Masters of Light has not taken place for a while: so much is happening in the world that it seems timely to invite questions on topics which may be of interest to you, if you have any, to put to Them, through me, next month for you to hear, free, on my website. These sessions are very popular, but they work only if there are questions!

So, do please let me have anything you may wish to ask by the middle of August - and remember that the questions should not be personal but of a nature that will be of interest to others, too. You may ask about world events, perhaps, or spiritual philosophy, life and death, or something that may seem simple but has profound undertones when answered. Nothing is too trivial, for there is a deeper meaning in everything.

Questions can be submitted here. They will be collated by my friend and colleague Semele Xerri who will act as interlocutor as before, and I will have no knowledge of your question ahead of time.

New Website

My new website was launched at the Solstice, and its birth has gone remarkably smoothly! One or two minor glitches have come to light but they were rectified quickly and I hope there will be no more. I want and need to know if you have any difficulties accessing the information and services so that we can make visiting  the website as easy and pleasant an experience as possible, so do please tell me if you have any problems.

If you were registered on the old website, you will need to register your user name and password again, I'm afraid, in order to sign in to the new Shop and to use the Calendar, as if you were a new user. They each are quite separate from the other, and you may use the same user name and password for each if you wish. Your subscription to the newsletter and the e-mail blog feed will continue as before.

Incidentally, the Calendar, which is more advanced than its predecessor, enables you to choose book your appointment of choice online now, subject to final confirmation.

If you have not done so already, you can see my new website here

And All is Well

This is such an interesting, wonderful summer: enjoy it and see its beauty - and know I am here for you, and that all is well.

I send you my love and best wishes, always

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