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A Time of Muddle

Dear <<First Name>>
It is extraordinary to think that we are nearly into the third month of 2015. As I reflected on this, this morning, I felt that January and February this year can be characterised as months of muddle – politically, globally, financially, environmentally, and perhaps personally. I cannot remember the last time there was such a weight of oppressive heaviness everywhere.

For many of us it has been reflected in challenge of some sort or other, often to do with other individuals, or health. Long, lingering and debilitating viruses have affected people badly – the result of the thinning of the protective veil around Earth and the release of extra-terrestrial bugs that we have not encountered before. They are not dangerous, just testing, and in time they will become instruments of strength particularly for those who have been ill from them.

The muddle everywhere may seem to worsen and then suddenly will disappear, though it may take a while longer for this to occur. A clearing is going on globally as well as personally, and if you can see world events in these terms it may help to accept and even encourage the change that is on its way. Meanwhile, take the steps you need to care for yourself, through good nutrition; time in nature; time with beauty; and the healing that is right for you. This is the time for clarity and honesty about what you need for your well-being.


Other Matters

You may like to know that I will record and make available a new guided meditation especially for the coming Easter – I will say more on this nearer the time.

Additionally, you will see that, after a number of requests for me to do so, I have re-introduced (below) a personal Recommendation of a product or service that I like and that you may find helpful, also details of a Universal Law from a Universal Law Card I drew at random, with a message for us all from Spirit for this time.

If there is anything else you would like me to include in my newsletters, or indeed my work, do please let me know.


A Personal Recommendation - Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic that has many uses, and I find it excellent for maintaining good health particularly if you are affected by a cold or other virus, a yeast or fungal infection, or a skin disorder - among many imbalances of the body it can help. It is a good product to have on hand, just in case.

I buy mine from Good Vitality, and recommend both the spray and the gel.

The Universal Law of the Month - The Law of Analogy, or Correspondence

The Law of Analogy, or Correspondence, teaches that we are the microcosm of the macrocosm, and that everything that exists has its corresponding principle beyond it. "As above, so below".

Think about it, particularly in the context of what is happening now.

(My set of Universal Law Cards is available from here.)

And Finally.......

Please remember that I am here to help you, in whatever way I can. Do contact me if you feel a channelling or guidance session would serve you at this time of change and “muddle”: a session is never self-indulgence, and always is timely – if and when you feel the time is right. You can book online too. 

However it comes about, I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

With my love and every good wish, always



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