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February 15, 2016

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Many people are wondering what is happening to our world, and where we are heading. It is not comfortable to learn so graphically and immediately about events such as the tragedy of Syria, terrorist attacks close to home, economic disintegration and the fragility of our Planet. Some people worry, some people try to do something to help, while others refuse to think about what is unpleasant, in the hope they will not be affected.

We are human and we are individual; each of use reacts to life in different ways, and I do not judge in any way those who prefer not to look at, see, or acknowledge this great, sweeping era of change which the turbulences epitomise. We all will find out what it means soon, and in a good way.

It helps to see what is happening to us as Pope John Paul VI did, as a gift from God. He believed unequivocally that everything and everyone who came into his life was for a blessed reason, however puzzling, testing or apparently inappropriate it was. It is an approach to life that helps our sense of discernment and compassion, our ability to deal with difficulty, and to grow in wisdom, assuming that we do not use it as an excuse for inaction, blame, or abnegation of responsibility.

What is happening around us is a cause for concern, not complacency, but it does not need to be a reason for fear. We may  not know where it will end nor how we may be affected, but we can trust in the protection of Spirit and the love of God, whatever our background and belief.

Know that all is well.

With much love, always



Spiritual Growth
Creating and Releasing Karma

It is easy to forget that the key Law of Karma applies in every moment that you live and breathe, to all your thoughts, words and actions however minor they appear to be.

Kind deeds and good intention create “good” karma – light on your soul which can never be removed, while “negative” karma resulting from temper, impatience, rudeness, unkindness, selfishness, ego and so on creates stains.  It is your choice as to whether you wish, through awareness and effort, to transmute a stain into light, or to let it become embedded.

Your goal is for your soul to be filled with light: your karmic choices in life decide how and when this will be.

Helping the Planet
Litter and Wildlife

You know that litter is bad for the environment, but did you know that it very damaging to wildlife too? Mammals, birds and insects creep into or try to eat plastic bags and bottles, and they will feed on rotting food or chemicals. Many creatures die, painfully, as a result.

If you are out for a walk and see rubbish lying around, it would be kind if you could pick up one or two bits and put them in your waste bin at home – some people carry a light bag with them just for this purpose.

Your example will encourage others to follow suit.

Recommendation of the Month
Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil Blend

I take a capsule a day of what is claimed to be the best and most natural combination of X Factor Gold Butter Oil and Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil. It is an excellent source of Vitamins A , D, E and K, and Omega 3 fatty acids, benefitting hair, skin, teeth, bone density and overall well-being.

Produced in the USA, it is now easily available in Europe through Amazon and good health shops.

A Universal Law to Ponder
The Law of Patterns…..

…...refers to old or obsolete patterns, and those patterns which are useful to you. Any pattern, or habit, that you recognise as destructive or unhelpful you can break through awareness, intent, and effort.

You can reinforce useful patterns through focus, understanding and determination.

(This card, drawn at random, reinforces my message about karma, above, beautifully!)
More information about my card set of the 88 Universal Laws can be found here.


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