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July 28, 2015

Dear Subscriber

The last month has ebbed and flowed like a great river, bringing sometimes great heat and dryness and then switching overnight to autumnal rain and wind. While it is unseasonable in the UK and elsewhere in the world, the rhythm of Nature nonetheless is constant and assured, the vagaries being a sign of her power and independence.

You, like me, are a reflection of Nature, and everything that happens to us, everything we feel has its parallel with a facet of Gaia. When you are angry, you rage like a stormy sea. When you are happy, you sparkle like dewdrops in the grass on a sunny morning. When you grieve, your tears are like raindrops falling onto the heart of a still woodland pool. Sometimes you meander through the valleys of your life like a slow stream, at other times your strong currents push you forward towards the rapids and unknown dangers – but wherever you are you know you are supported by the spirit that is Nature and is God.

Our path through life can be uncertain, with hidden obstacles and surprises along the way. It helps to remember that, always, we are part of the pattern of the Master Plan for Earth, and to see how our experience in every moment has its greater parallel.

Your life is much more than being human, and so is mine. Look beyond you, listen to your silence, and you will learn.
Know that all is well.

I send you my love, as always


Seeking your Ideas!

As global consciousness continues to rise I have a sense there is more I can do to help the sometimes challenging journey to a higher dimension and a new world order.

My existing services of channelling, coaching and teaching will continue, but if you have any thoughts on what else I can offer that would be of interest to you or others, I would love to hear from you. It may be in the context of writing, courses, integrating my love of nature into what I do or something quite different – to hear what you feel is missing or would be of service would be wonderful.

Please e-mail me,, with any suggestions or comments. Thank you.

Spiritual Growth
The Importance of Silence

Without silence, our spiritual growth is constrained. Being in silence for at least half an hour every day, and using that time to encourage stillness of mind, brings about changes that are remarkable.

“Ashramic silence” is about ceasing mental and verbal chatter and encouraging sometimes a sense of nothingness, emptiness, and at other times a capacity for observation with fair, kind eyes.

Silence can be heard in the most crowded place.

Silence heals the heart and the head.

Through silence comes the word of Spirit.


Recommendation of the Month

I take magnesium every day.

Stress, prescription drugs, and chemicals in products and in the air deplete the body of magnesium, and most people like me are deficient of this mineral. The importance of magnesium for our well-being is poorly recognised, but many of the common imbalances of mind and body are due to a lack of magnesium.

Insomnia; depression; low energy; digestive, muscular, blood and heart problems all can be related to a need for more magnesium.  

Much information is available online, but this article is a good place to start.

 A Universal Law to Ponder
The Law of Economy of Force

..…governs life on Earth and is to do with the best use of time and energy.

It is all about common sense, and doing everything calmly and expeditiously without undue effort.

It is the third of the three Major Laws.

(More information about my card set of the 88 Universal Laws can be found here.)



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Claire Montanaro is a spiritual teacher, channel and blogger with special interest in esoteric philosophy and the world in transition. Loves nature and wildlife. Author of "Spiritual Wisdom”.
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