Christmas Message, Meditation for the Solstice and Predictions for 2014

Wishing you so very well...........

Dear <<First Name>>

The December Solstice is a special time for me, not just for its spiritual significance but also because it is when one year is about to become another, and the celebration of Christmas is close. It is when, in my world, nature shuts down, retreating into hibernation and survival mode and awaiting to regenerate again in spring. It is a time for reflection too: as I write my Christmas cards I think with affection of every recipient, and I remember too every client and friend, and you who have so kindly asked to receive this newsletter. Thank you for your interest, and for your support for my work.

All around me I see people making decisions about their future, and more than ever before I am witnessing stark choices which are of the greatest importance to their souls: some are choosing, consciously, a path of light with Spirit in their life; others have decided to reject the spiritual way, preferring to focus on their third dimensional world of matter – each choice having major implications for their soul journey and perfect, because it is their choice.

The polarisation between these human paths is very great now, two long streams of souls heading in different directions, neither one right or wrong. Do not let anyone try to convince you to change your route, for some do and will, but be true to yourself and your beliefs. Do not listen to gossip intended to influence your choices, but be clear and discerning about what is real, what is true, what you know, and what you feel. Do not judge.

If you take these precepts into 2014, you will create a year of achievement and fulfilment, a time of illumination and of peace, within and without you, as you create the reality you wish for, and have earned.

I send you my very best wishes for the Solstice, for Christmas and for the year ahead. I hope we will walk a shared path, for ever – if you choose.
With love

At this special time, it is my pleasure to give you, below, a new guided meditation for the Solstice, also channelled predictions for 2014 as published this month in Sedona Journal of Emergence.


Meditation for the December Solstice 2013

Here you may access my latest guided meditation, recorded especially for the December Solstice of 2013. There is no charge for it, and I hope you will enjoy participating in it. It lasts for 26 minutes, and is very cosmic in nature - a journey of discovery and change through time and space with Comet Ison - which is alive still - and, of course, the Sun.


Predictions for 2014 (for Sedona Journal of Emergence)

Each year I am asked by Sedona Journal of Emergence to provide a channelling on likely events and developments in the year ahead. You may read the article relating to 2014 here if you are interested.

Christmas Opening Hours

The office will close after work on Friday 20th December, and will re-open on Monday 6th January. I will check e-mails and messages during the holiday period, and will be available for emergency appointments if the need arises.
Bookings for appointments in the new year can be made through the website at any time, as usual.


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