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June 14, 2016

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Since I last wrote to you, Earth has moved to a new position on her graceful journey to her sacred destiny, and it has changed the nature of the world without anyone noticing. 

It has changed your life too, and it may be you are aware of a subtle shift of energy and attitude; it may be, too, that your feelings about people and events in your life seem different from before, and there may be a new clarity about what is important, and what does not matter. Issues may be coming to a head to  be resolved once and for all, and it may hurt: leaving the past behind can be painful - but it is alright, and you know that fundamentally all is well.

As you look around you, you may wonder as people you love make choices that surprise you, but remember that this is a key time for each of us to decide our future path in this life and  beyond, and that now there are two options only: materialism or mysticism. In this context, materialism means a focus upon having and consuming, doing not being, while mysticism means a constant awareness of the presence of Spirit in you, following your spiritual calling even as you live your everyday life. It is stillness versus busy-ness,  listening versus hearing, seeing versus blindness. Neither path is right or wrong.

At the Solstice, on 20th June, the latest planetary shift will be complete and you will be preparing for the next one, even as, symbolically and practically, you implement the changes which are the result of your new position on the Cosmic Grid. The human choices you have made means  the colour and light of your soul has changed, and so, then, has your place on the divine tapestry of Light. Think about this, and you may feel the wonder of being there: it is magnificent beyond words.

I know your journey that shadows that of Gaia goes perfectly, and I know your heart is filled with good intent. I know, too, how very much you are loved, at the greatest of levels and beyond. Know it too.


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