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The Masters of Light, and Meditation for the Solstice

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I was asked recently to explain who or what is the source of the guidance given in a channelling session through me. It is not easy, but I will try!

The Masters of Light are a group energy comprising highly evolved spiritual beings who come together as required to help the men, women and sometimes children who choose to work with me. Every person who comes to me has a part in the unfolding Plan of God, and the Masters' wish is to help you on your personal journey, to ensure the completion of the Plan, and to bring light to our Planet once again.

The title, Masters of Light, is the one they choose to use for now, but while it gives an indication of their role it is limited in its scope, and I suspect the group, individually and together, is greater and achieves far more than I know. Beyond their work with me, when they use my voice and me to speak with you directly and touch you energetically, each of these Masters has another, divine role which may be related to Earth or something far beyond.

Other people channel Spirit too, of course: they will have their own source of communication and information, and they will work in the way that is best for them and their clients. I am not unique, but, for me, the Masters of Light are very special.


New Guided Meditation for the Solstice

I have recorded a new guided meditation for the Solstice on Sunday, as I promised in my last newsletter.

This meditation gives you the opportunity to reflect on the significance of the cycle which is ending and that is to come for you at this time of change - the learnings, the people and beings of significance, what you need to do now and what is to be addressed.

You will meet your true Soul Mate and see your future together, and you will find healing in the Place of Balance - the centre of the Solstice.

The meditation lasts for 29 minutes. It is free and can be accessed here.


Christmas Closure

Just a reminder that the office will be closed from 24th December until 6th January, and I will offer appointments by phone or in person from 7th January. I will check e-mails and messages regularly during the holiday period, and if you need an appointment urgently, I will do my best to help you.


And Finally.......

Whether Christmas is a festival you celebrate or not, this period in December is a special time as so many people in the world reflect and remember, rest, and spend time with family and friends as a new year approaches.

I hope that for you it is an interlude of peace, and that 2015 brings you what serves you best: how can it be otherwise?

With my love, always

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