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 The New Public Channelling is Available.......

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The latest public channelling is on the Inlumino Global website now and available for you to hear, if it is of interest to you.

This latest session answered  interesting and unusual questions! They ranged from asking about global "disasters" to the future of the EU, the football World Cup, Spirit in the workplace, childhood obesity, the divine masculine and feminine, the abuse of women, the new Golden Age, extra-terrestrials on Earth, and the paradox of being unique and yet part of the one-ness.

The guidance was reassuring in this time of change, but, intriguingly, hinted at deeper truths for us to discover, when we are ready.

I am very grateful to Semele Xerri for collating and asking the questions, and to those of of you who took the trouble to identify and submit the topics. Thank you.

The recording is free to hear, and can be accessed here.


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And Finally.......

While this is a time of change and moving on, the fundamental truth about being human, and far more than that, in itself does not alter, ever.

I send you my love, as always
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