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December 16, 2016

This Solstice

Hello, dear Subscriber

 I love the December Solstice, when I can reflect on the receding year with thankfulness and prepare to embrace the enigma of what is to come; when there is a sense of continuity as we remember a pagan festival so ancient It is embedded in our being; and when the Sun is at its lowest, (or highest) point. Each solstice is special, each one has its own meaning, and the solstice message, as we end 2016, is  – mystery.
The Solstice is the door to the new year, and whether you keep the door open or wedged shut will determine how that year will be for you. I encourage you, on 21st December, to throw it open in your mind and in your heart, embracing the winds of change that will enter your world with a sense of adventure and excitement. The unknown is opportunity.
For some people there is a sense of trepidation as they await the transformation of one year into another in the awareness that 2016 has been a time of uneasy preparation for what may be a topsy-turvey cycle to come. Their fear will breed more fear, and it will be reflected in commensurate outcomes in their own world – not yours. Do not let their resistance to the inevitable contaminate your discernment and your trust, and your enjoyment of the many blessings of life.
This Solstice, I thank you for your commitment and courage as we embark on a new adventure of life together.
This Solstice, I ask you to remember the commitment you made aeons ago to be Light always.
This Solstice, I urge you to acknowledge daily the suffering that comes from separation and the illusion that it is.
This Solstice, I invite you to do one deed to heal the Planet.
This Solstice, have faith, and know that all is well.

To mark this special time, I have recorded a new meditation for the Solstice, and you can access it here. It is free!
I send you much love, and my heartfelt good wishes for a peaceful, happy Solstice, Christmas and New Year.


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