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December 20, 2015 your year prepares to draw its final breath?

Perhaps you are excited, expectant over the mystery of the Solstice, the coming of Christmas and the imminence of another year? This is a perfect time to be focused on plans, on family and community, and on celebrating the season in the way that pleases you best, but it is a perfect time also to remember the essence of humanity, which is the spiritual principle of goodwill.

Because this is when we tend to turn inwards, thinking of our pleasure, it is easy to forget the many people and creatures who are scarred by war, illness, destitution or violence, and those who strive without ego or self-regard to make those lives better, regardless of the time of year. You, with me, can use this special month as an opportunity for reflection and thankfulness for all the good there is in the world, and as a time for compassion for those whose hearts, for now, are closed to the giving or receiving of kindness. As you celebrate, feel and show goodwill, for everything and everyone on Earth.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you do, I wish you much love in your life this Christmas and in the year to come. May suffering soon be in the past, and may the Plan of God for you and the world become visible soon. I have no doubt it will.

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