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The new rhythm of change which is the hallmark of 2014 is proving itself already, through unusual demonstration of weather, Earth expression, and through policy decisions that could transform the nature of community in many lands. At the heart of the plans, and driving them, is the problem of having too many people who are wanting too much by way of food, energy, water, and consumer goods, and the environment is being stripped in order to try and satisfy the demand. It is like chasing a rainbow – it cannot be done: the only solution is to reduce the global population, and in time this will be recognised, and addressed. I look forward very much to the time of rebalancing, the outcome of change, which is not so far away.



meditation cdsIt is an unsettled time, and it would be easy to succumb to pessimism or even depression, particularly with extremes of heat or water, snow or cloud affecting you, perhaps. A consistent lack of sunlight is hard, as people in the UK know. January is notorious for being a difficult month psychologically, and the best way I know to achieve a peaceful equilibrium is through meditation.
However much you may feel calm and purposeful – or not - a short period of sitting in stillness every day will help clear the mind, resolve anxieties, bring a sense of tranquillity, and strengthen your spiritual connectedness, and the more regularly you do it, the more you will gain. Finding half an hour for meditation is the best gift you can give to yourself, but even 10 minutes every day can change your life. Some guidelines on meditation can be accessed here, and there is further information on the website, including some free guided meditations. We have meditations on CD too.



Because, at this time of change, what is happening in the world is so important, I write regularly about current events that catch my attention in my blThinkersog, and always with a spiritual dimension one way or another. I write overtly about spiritual matters in the blog posts too. My hope is that my views and comments will help to bring a different, wider perspective about what is occurring; I do not expect you to agree with me!  My words, however, may cause you to ponder, at least, and help you to form your own opinion based on discernment, which is so important.
Some titles of my latest posts are given below, with links to the full articles in case you are interested in reading any of them. (You can sign up to receive them by e-mail when they are published, too – it is a free and popular service, and recipients’ e-mail details are treated with absolute confidentiality.)

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And Finally……..

….Let the sense of change which is everywhere bring a sense of excitement and optimism, certainly not fear! Without change the world would stand still, entrenched in the past, and it is time to wake up and move on. Remember, you are part of the transition, an important part, and what you do, how you are, in itself changes everything. Enjoy your role, and every minute of your life, and above all, have no fear.

I send you my love, as always
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