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The Winds of Change Blow Cold.....

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The autumn colours in mid-Wales are magnificent this year, and as I appreciate the beauty and peace and balmy mildness here, I know that other parts of the world are experiencing heavy snows and cold, drought or flooding, and even volcanic eruption. The winds of change blow cold, even in the heat.

Destructive weather patterns are blamed on climate change resulting from human activity, and while there is no doubt that we continue to cause much damage to our Planet through thoughtlessness, carelessness and greed, there is a natural process of evolution which is a major factor in our Earth changes. Just as the nature of man has altered over millions of years, adjusting to new environmental conditions and through learning and experience, so periodically our climate has changed sometimes quickly and dramatically, and with it the appearance of our world.

I am awed sometimes as I remember that the River Wye now curling around my home once was a huge inland sea, and that the great old stones which litter my garden and the nearby fields are glacial deposits from the last Ice Age or rocks washed smooth by the waters which covered the area once. They are reminders of history, and that nature has her own agenda which man cannot change.

Yes, we can do better, and if the concern about climate change causes us to improve our relationship with our environment, it would be wonderful. Remember, though, that much is going on which we are powerless to change: like man and nature before us, we must accept, not resist, the winds of change, however hot or cold they blow, and learn about adapting as we evolve yet again into a new and unknown situation. Everything happens for a reason, and you are safe.

New Guided Meditations

I decided recently to record a free guided meditation that would be available to everyone who signs up to my newsletters, as a small thank-you for their interest in my work. I want people who have subscribed already, like you, to have the chance to hear it also. If you are interested, you can access it here. It lasts about 30 minutes, and it explores the different levels of your being – human, soul and Spirit.

Meanwhile, the December Solstice is not far away, and I will once again record a special meditation for the occasion, to go on the website. I will let you know when it is up. It will be free.

Christmas Closure

The office will be closed from 24th December until 6th January, and I will offer appointments by phone or in person from 7th January. The period leading up to Christmas is always popular because it is such a special time – the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another - and requests for appointments then are coming in already. If you feel you would like a channelling or spiritual guidance session with me then, for completion or to look ahead, or just for spiritual connection, then please do not leave it too late to book! Requests for a booking can be made directly though the office by phone or e-mail, or through the Website Calendar.


Sedona Journal of Emergence

The Predictions Edition for 2015 has just been published, and it includes a channelled article by me with the Masters of Light about the year ahead and Earth changes.

And Finally.......

I encourage you to pause periodically from your preparations for holidays and Christmas in order to feel this changing world. The human preoccupations with war and disease and money and politics mean little when you consider where our Planet, and her occupants are going. This is a time of such evolutionary shift – and I speak not just of climate, but of spirituality, and of you, too.


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