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May 26, 2015

Dear <<First Name>>

Welcome to my new-look newsletter! I want my communications with you to be useful and interesting, and so I am including sections to help your spiritual (and human) growth; a personal recommendation for a book, product or service you might like to explore; a topic for meditation or gentle consideration based on one of the Universal Laws, picked from my card set at random; recent blog posts in case you missed them; and information about my work that is relevant for the moment. Do please let me know if there is anything else you would like me to include. I am here to be of help to you.

If I may, I will continue to share my thoughts and observations with you, also. Today I would like to talk about personal and collective dilemmas as we experience a time of world crisis that is being translated into individual crisis also. Challenges are coming thick and fast as we are being encouraged to work through old karma and to heal metaphorical or actual toxicity that may go back many lifetimes. A tough Mercury Retrograde until mid-June does not help our sense of well-being either. 

I have seen a sense of loss, grief, uncertainty and even despair in friends and clients recently; for some of them, their world seems shattered and it is hard to see the way forward. Clouded by emotion and care it is not easy for them to see their situation with discernment, and to know that letting go of attachments and expectations, letting go of the past, is a pre-requisite for spiritual growth. This truth applies to our human community too, not just to you and me.

I hope that your life is one of serenity and peace, but if, here and there, it is not, then know that struggle is the hallmark of change, and struggle ceases over time, always. Observe yourself and the issue, and see what elements of healing are going on behind the tension. All events are blessed, but some can be painful before their resolution and transformation. Remember, too, that the greatest healer of all is Nature.

Know that all is well.

I send you my love, as always


New Public Channelling

Periodically, the Masters of Light who speak through me in my channelling sessions, answer questions of a non-personal nature -  to do with world events or spiritual philosophy, for example. The questions come from the public, and are anonymous and not known by me in advance.

My next public channelling will coincide with the June Solstice, and I would be pleased to receive any questions you may have for the session before 16th June. Please use the Contact Form below.

The recording will be available to hear, free of charge, through the website in the usual way.

For Spiritual Growth - Just Say No…..

Learn to say No. Too often we people-please, take on other people’s responsibilities and spend so much time helping others there is no time left for ourselves. It is important to look at what we are doing and why, to give back what belongs to someone else and to do what is right for us. Unless it causes actual harm, to say No is liberating, empowering, and healing.

Say No if you are overloaded with things to do, or you feel under pressure, or there is something you want to do for yourself.

Say No once a day, and see how good it feels. Just say No.

Recommendation of the Month

“The Sacred Tree” by Glennie Kindred

If you are a nature lover, this small book will delight you. The author says “I have written this book to help us find our way back to working with our friends the trees”, and that is what is all about. She writes about the history, folklore and underlying energy of the 13 traditional trees of Britain, how to work with and honour them and how to use their fruits and woods for healing and practical use. Even if you do not wish to practise what she suggests, just to read her descriptions is deeply peaceful.

Available here

A Universal Law to Ponder

The Law of Service

is all about living, being and working in the world with an awareness for the needs of others, a wish to do your best, and without attachment to getting personal gain or benefit from it.

More information about my card set of the 88 Universal Laws can be found here.


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