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October 05, 2015

Dear Subscriber

As we enter the last quarter of 2015, it feels as if the fast pace of the passage of the year is being replicated in events globally.

Suddenly, and immediately after the hugely influential Supermoon, the uneasy chronic turbulence of the world has become a chaotic maelstrom of possibility as Russia and the US confront each other in Syria, flanked by countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, and in Europe. Through their allies, Sunni versus Shia face each other, and not kindly, as an old religious war becomes a new one. Equivalent uncertainty is visible in other parts of the world, too.
The finger of blame can be pointed in many directions as human frailty is on display to we who watch, teaching us about leadership, the use of power, vested interest, short-termism, and the inadequacy of politics today. Blame does not help, however, but seeing, learning, and praying can.

We are being shown the polarisation that exists between the people determined to fight and win what they want whatever the cost, and those who are at the receiving end of this emotional and physical violence, those men, women, children and animals who suffer in every moment and who are powerless to change their world. The lands suffer too, grievously.

 As you watch these sad events, do not judge the right or the wrong in what is happening for we do not know all the truth. Prayer can achieve much, and to open your heart daily, and with love, for those who struggle to live and for those who struggle with their weakness, can do a great deal to help.

We are all one, united as humanity and as souls, and so we, too, are a part of all these great events. It serves to remember this if we veer towards judgement.

There is nothing to fear.
I send you my love, as always


Video on the Equinox and the Months to Come

You may have seen it elsewhere, but in case you missed it, you may like to see a short video I recorded in which I talk about the meaning of the recent Equinox and what it means for all of us. It also is a look ahead to what may happen in the world in the few months left before the December solstice.

Interestingly, some of what I anticipated might occur is beginning to manifest already, as I describe in my main message above.

You can watch it here.

Spiritual Growth - Raising Consciousness

To raise our consciousness is to enter into the higher dimensions: it brings peace, expansion, and the opportunity to connect with Spirit.

To get to this place requires focus, stillness and discipline. Certain music such as rhythmic drumming can help, also breathwork and immersion in silence; fasting also can bring about profound mystical experiences.

What is key is to stop thinking and to reach a state of nothingness, to go beyond your human self perhaps through meditation, visionquests, or being in nature. Ensure your intent for reaching this state is pure.

Recommendation of the Month
"Think no Evil"...

Wallace Black Elk, a famous American Indian shaman, advised the importance of letting an ungenerous thought or intention enter into one ear and out of the other, but never letting it though the mouth. It is another way of saying, “ speak no evil, think no evil, hear no evil”.

If everyone abided by this rule, how different our world would be.

(Image taken from “Black Elk Speaks”.)

A Universal Law to Ponder
The Law of Unconditional Love (Law 85)

……is about giving honour, respect, and compassion within the umbrella of love to every living thing, including yourself.

This is the heart of spirituality.

More information about my card set of the 88 Universal Laws can be found here.


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