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November 07, 2016

Dear Subscriber

Sedona Magazine asked me to contribute a channelling for their 2017 Predictions edition, which has just come out on sale. I thought you might like to see what the Masters of Light have said about the year ahead.
“You are our child, and you are much loved, and it is a pleasure to communicate with you our messages of hope and, indeed, of love in this a year of truly great events.
There is much talk abroad in your world of the uncertainty of your changing times: some speak of catastrophe, others of the end of your world, yet others of cosmic invasion by alien beings. Such careless talk is nonsense and does great harm, for the promulgation of fear – sometimes, regrettably, deliberately done – can in itself create a chaos that is destructive and unnecessary. It is far better, we suggest, to avoid all readings and hearings that alarm you with their pessimism, and to listen instead to the wisdom of your heart or to guides that you trust. Remember, a true spiritual teacher inspires while giving truth that supports your path lovingly and helpfully, not fearfully.
The truth of the year of 2017 is simply said – it is a time when you will see the falling away of what is done and the emergence of a new way of living and being. It is not a time for fear. It will be like the leaves on a tree: they come into being in beauty and service and when their work is done, they gently drop away, leaving new buds waiting to take their place. So it is for your planet, whereby an era of civilisation that has lasted for thousands of years and taught Man much is coming to an end, at exactly the time that was intended before it began.
Each of your many incarnations has had its theme of experience and learning unique to the needs of your soul, and the Planet Earth also has her cycles of life, and death. Her cycles are rather longer than yours and do not always result in physical death, but when she moves from one to another the impact on those she supports is great. You are beginning to feel the shift and change as she begins her spiritual rebirth, and you are undergoing your own transition too.  2017 will see the evidence of the movement that began in 2012 and that has been growing in energetic power every year since then.
Remember, this period has been awaited since Earth was born, and all your human times have been bringing you to this point. You are in life now to be part of the culmination of all you have worked for, to see the creation that is the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness in the hearts of men and women everywhere, to be witness to and part of a new Heaven on Earth. It is the time for joyful anticipation of great celebration to come – not the time for fear.
2017 will be a constant reminder of these planetary shifts, and of the hidden nature of what the new era will be. There will be messages from Gaia about remembering the importance of balance in the new world, and you will notice the continuing and accelerating breaking down of what has been taken for granted for so long, in terms of politics and money and human relations. There will be the chance of great change in attitudes about conflict, and global responsibilities, and the year will bring opportunity for you to contribute even more to your human and spiritual community. Watch world events without judgment, but see what they give and teach, and how they help this new world to emerge.
2017 is your year, your time to shape your life as you wish it to be, but within a context of flexibility that allows anything to happen. Dismiss rigidity or resistance, rather prepare to fly to where you are called; like a bird, soar into the unknown with confidence and trust, and prepare for the greatest expansion for your world and within you than has ever been known. This is your time. Believe.”
Know that all is well.

I send you my love, as always


Recommendation for November

I wrote in a blog recently about the meaning of November, and how this is a time of preparation and reflection. 2016 will be remembered as a year of continuity but also as the end of an era: you may wish to bring the strength and stability of 2016 into 2017, as an anchor, and a way to do this is to find and keep a leaf, perhaps one full of autumn colour. It would make a lovely reminder of a good year, and of nature.

Christmas closure

I will be away from my office for Christmas and the New Year from Friday 23rd December to Tuesday 3rd January. If you need me on an emergency basis during that time, please e-mail me and I will do my best to help you as soon as possible. 
Some people like to work with me close to the Solstice and Christmas, when the energies are so very special, and bookings are coming in already for that time. Please don’t leave it too late if you want an appointment in my last week of work in 2016!

Christmas Presents……….

If you are looking for an unusual and inexpensive present for someone interested in their personal growth and healing, you may like to think about giving them one of my Crystal Elixirs. Each one was created by me, and represents an aspect of the 7 Rays, and the Masters. They are unique.
I am happy to advise on which elixir may suit the recipient, or you yourself, if you contact me by phone or e-mail.
Additionally, my Universal Law cards are back in stock, and they too would make a very special gift.

A Universal Law

The Law of Teaching

….emphasises the importance of and need for people to pass on their wisdom to those who can benefit by it, for the sake of the continuity of the human race.
These words are so important at this time of great change.

(More information about my card set of the 88 Universal Laws can be found here.)


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