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Remembering the Light of War

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I write to you on the day, one hundred years ago, that Britain joined what was to be known as the Great War. It seems extraordinary that the news of a war to be fought brought instant cheers and celebrations rather than foreboding, for any war, anywhere, results always in mourning. You and I have born witness to this, and do so even today, for despite the harsh lessons of two world wars and many other conflicts, politicians still conduct their disputes using people as their weapon, and their target.  Perhaps our sombre thoughts and thanks will remind the world of what is so easily forgotten, after it is done.

Even in the darkest days of the Great War, there was light, for the light can never be extinguished – without and within, and many thousands of people in the UK will light a candle tonight as a symbol of hope, and in memory of those who died. Each man and woman, horse and dog, bird and plant that lost their life had their own light that lives on always, and many people who are alive now, shining their light, will have taken part in or been affected by the War.

Perhaps you were there, returned to teach, learn, and to enjoy a full life this time, with the fire of your light burning ever brighter.

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And Finally......

This is a bittersweet time, as wars rage amidst so much hatred while nature displays a summer (or winter) of grace most beautifully for many of us. You may choose which of these two extremes you will take into your heart.

I send you my love, as always
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