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My Easter Message to You

Dear <<First Name>>

For many years Easter was a difficult time for me, filled with the memory of the suffering and loss of the Crucifixion, re-surfacing lifetime after lifetime. The Christian joy of the story of the Resurrection, following the sorrow, did not touch me. It was quite recently that I was able to lay to rest those personal ghosts of the past and see, gratefully, the need for the Easter story and its significance as a milestone on the human journey to our shared spiritual destiny.

However much the details may have been altered over time, the life and death of Jesus have taught us about the importance of unconditional love for ourselves and within our community, about acceptance, integrity and kindness. He is known as the Son of God and was the Messenger for God at a time when we had forgotten how to hear, or to listen.

We do not need messengers, or intermediaries, now. It is time to hear the voice of God directly, you and I, in the wind and the birdsong, in the running waters and especially in the silence.

I encourage you, this Easter, as life begins and ends with the changing seasons, as people celebrate and mourn perhaps, to find the time to listen to the silence which is around you always even in the busiest surroundings; so doing will take you to a place of peace far from human frailty, a place and state of being where you will find inspiration in God’s message, spoken just for you.

I send you my love this Easter, and always


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Know that all is well.

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