The gift of health care to the rural poor in India
Hospital for Hope

The Gift of Health Care

<<First Name>>, the Hospital For Hope team would like to thank you for all your contributions for 2013!  Our hospital in Jharkhand India is now up and running, and we hit some major milestones this past year.  

In 2013, we:

  • Set up the hospital with supplies including equipment and medicine
  • Hired a full time staff including a doctor, physician’s assistant and nurse
  • Sent US volunteers including a doctor to provide guidance and evaluate high priority health needs
  • Treated 730 patients at a nominal cost  
Thanks to your support, for the first time, healthcare has been made accessible to over 100,000 villagers.  The hospital is community planned and operated by our local partner, Jagriti Vihara, an established non-profit in existence for over 40 years.  Join us this year in supporting Hospital For Hope to expand the hospital staff and patient population.

Please donate today:

Your money will be doubled through matching funds from organizations including One World Children's Fund and Google.  As always, 100% of your fees go directly to fund the hospital and your donation is tax deductible.   
Thank you for all the support and best wishes for a great 2014 from the Hospital For Hope team!

-Amit, Arthi, Golda, Melanie and Neil


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