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Monday, January 2nd
by The Fix Team

Looking back at 2022 – and wishing for a better 2023

Welcome to the new year!

This week, while The Fix is still on break from regular coverage, let’s look back at what defined our work in the past year – and what we can hope for in 2023. (We’ll be back with a regular newsletter edition and more stories next Monday).

No doubt, the single biggest event that defined 2022 in Europe and beyond was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Alongside its global impact, the war has been deeply personal for The Fix, not least because part of our team is from Ukraine and has remained in the country throughout Russia’s war. 

Together with partner organisations, we worked to keep Ukrainian media going by raising around 3 million euros that helped support dozens of national and local media outlets. We also reported on the Ukrainian media industry extensively – whether by speaking to Ukrainian media leaders like the executive director of the biggest news website and CEO of Ukraine’s public broadcaster, by profiling success stories like The Kyiv Independent, or by analysing Western news publishers’ coverage of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian media expert Otar Dovzhenko told us 200 days into the full-scale war, Ukraine’s media sector proved much more resilient than many had feared – but prospects for the future are grim as the war continues. That became even more relevant with Russia’s widespread recent attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. 

At the same time, throughout the past year The Fix continued to cover a plethora of other topics in our mission of cracking the media management puzzle through insights, solutions and data.

Here’s five of our most widely read stories of the year offering actionable insights for media leaders:
By the end of the year, The Fix’s contributors prepared a series of articles summarising key events of the year across various sections of the media industry – and offering insights into making your work more constructive in the new year. (Check the “From The Fix” section below).

Although there was plenty of sadness and distress in 2022, the past year was also fundamentally optimistic – in Ukraine and elsewhere freedom and liberal democracy withstood aggression and showed its resilience.

So, we have a lot of hope for the advancement of free press and sustainable news media in the industry in the new year. We will be sure to cover all the various aspects of this story. Thank you for staying with us in the past year – and see you again soon.
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