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Monday, August 22nd
by The Fix Team

How to introduce solutions journalism to your newsroom

Hello and a big welcome to our new subscribers from Telegraph, Santa Cruz Local, Storyful, Lagardère News and many more.

Journalism has many functions, but among the most important ones is serving the audience by providing actionable insights and offering tools to fix the world – or at least a small fraction of the world.

Solutions journalism has been on the rise in recent years, but many newsrooms still struggle to implement it. Reporting on day-to-day news and harvesting clicks from reporting on the problems often looks more commercially attractive than investing in the coverage of solutions.

It doesn’t have to be this way, journalist and editor Emma Löfgren writes for The Fix. Solutions journalism does work, as shown by research, and weaving it into your newsroom “doesn't have to be daunting and unwieldy”.

Emma identifies five manageable ways to embark on the practice for publications with little or no experience in the field – start with understanding what solutions journalism is and what it isn’t, make sure you are prioritising time and resources, and start small.

For a full list of tips, as well as some useful examples, read the full article on The Fix’s website.
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Newsletter is the new homepage. Or at least Jason Schulweis argues so in his piece for AdWeek. Schulweis writes that, in recent years, a newsletter has become a special way to reach your audience. Appearing in someone’s inbox is highly personal and requires a lot of trust. Schulweis advises publishers to focus on the question of how to successfully maintain trust with newsletter audiences. 

Are you ready for a cookieless future? Getting information about your audience without cookies is not impossible, but it does require effort. Marketing Brew identifies new ways of targeting your audience. 

Big institutions, while having more resources, are sometimes behind on grass-roots innovations and trends. Digital safety in newsrooms turns out to be one of those things. Paul Farrel from Reuters Institute talks about lessons big media can learn from small startups.

Industry news

BBC chair Richard Sharp has business links to Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin, who is now sanctioned by the UK government, an investigation by The Guardian shows. According to the investigation, Sharp used a Cayman Islands offshore company to invest in a crypto venture founded by Potanin. The investment had been made in 2019, before Potanin was sanctioned.

Still, “although Sharp has since stepped down from [the position of Potanin’s company director], Swiss corporate filings show an individual who works for Sharp’s personal investment office continues to sit on the board of directors”, The Guardian writes. Potanin used to be Russia’s richest man and is best known for owning a chunk of Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest producer of refined nickel. He was sanctioned in June of this year for being one of the oligarchs that form Russian president Putin’s inner circle.
Condé Nast is on pace to surpassing its 2021 revenue this year, Axios reports. The global publishing house, which owns multiple brands including Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Wired, will top the almost $2 billion mark in revenue seen last year. The strong results are enabled by the growth in Condé Nast’s advertising business, which is majority digital today. Despite the worsening economic outlook, Condé Nast hasn’t suffered from an advertising slump as its publications are attracting luxury brands.
Prominent Ukrainian journalist and commentator Vitaliy Portnikov reported discovering a listening device in his apartment in Lviv, Ukraine. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, where Portnikov is a long-term contributor, notes that the origins of the bug are not clear yet, but called on the Ukrainian authorities to investigate the incident properly. Portnikov, who says he discovered the device while cleaning his apartment, filed a report with the police and the security services.
Opportunities and deadlines
Transition Accelerator. International Press Institute announced an opportunity to help media outlets in their digital transformation. It is a 6-month programme for small and mid-sized media businesses. You will get training, coaching and grant opportunities (up to €20,000).  
More info:
Deadline: October 28

Stigler Center Journalist in Residence Program. Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State at the University of Chicago invites journalists with an interest in political economy to its residence program. Participants will be able to audit three classes and participate in workshops and seminars among other activities. The organisers cover airfare, visa fees and provide a stipend of $12,000 (€11,500).
More info:
Deadline: October 2

Countering Legal Threats to Media Freedom: “Spotlighting Solutions” conference. The Foreign Policy Centre and the Justice for Journalists Foundation are hosting the Anti-SLAPP Conference. The two-day event will discuss the topics surrounding the successes and weaknesses of current anti-SLAPP laws and their impact on journalists and media freedom. The event will take place in London and online.
More info:
When: November 28-29

Job Openings

Project Assistant. Free Press Unlimited looks for a person who will contribute to projects improving the safety of journalists. Experience in a facilitating role, background in logistical organisation of activities, and good command of English are among the main qualifications of a successful candidate. The position is based in Amsterdam.
More info:
Deadline: Open till filled 

Creative Strategist. Politico Europe is looking for a Creative Strategist to implement content programs for its in-house brand content agency POLITICO Studio. At least four years of experience, excellent copywriting skills and fluency in English are required. This is a full-time position with hybrid opportunities located in Brussels, Paris, London or Berlin. 
More info:
Deadline: Open till filled 

Education and Audience Engagement Editor. Investors’ Chronicle, an investment magazine of FT Group, is looking for an education and audience development editor. This is a key role that will work on attracting new audiences and growing the magazine’s subscription funnel. The position is based in London.
More info:
Deadline: Open till filled 

The Fix Hiring 
Contributors. The time has come for us to expand our amazing team of contributors. We are looking for an experienced professional, with an interest in the media business. The position is remote and the workload is flexible. 
Also, if you are not ready for a long-term commitment, but have an idea that would fit The Fix - pitch us. 
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