Greetings Dear Ones!

This Friday, April 22nd, marks the six year anniversary of Montclair Kundalini Yoga! Our team looks forward to celebrating with you in a joyful two hour, in-person and online event that will really get the energy moving. This event is Free and will be Fun, Fun, Fun!!! See more details below.

I (Savitri) am also offering a new series on the Chakras, starting Wednesday evening, May 4th, for four consecutive weeks in which we will be learning and loving and sharing. See below for more details.

Finally, as promised, we have the first of several excellent blog article contributions to share on Kundalini Yoga and hormone balance from our wonderful community member Amanda Sobreyra.

We Love You and Are With You,. Savitri, Cate and Your MKY Family

Free Montclair Kundalini Yoga Anniversary Celebration

Come celebrate Montclair Kundalini Yoga’s anniversary with the MKY family on Friday, April 22nd from 7:30 to 9:30pm ET. This is a FREE event, full of movement, sharing, sound healing, chanting, story telling and more. We would love to have you join us! 292 Bloomfield Avenue, 3rd floor (above Greek Taverna) parking is beside the building - Simulcast on Zoom.

Anniversary Celebration Sign-up

Chakra Series with Savitri

Explore the sacred architecture of your body and psyche through the ancient system of the chakras. These spinning wheels of energy compose all trees, flowers, planets and people. They are the fundamental building blocks of all living beings.

As a master healer and gifted teacher of the transformational arts, Savitri will lead this journey through the ancient yogic wisdom, as we apply it in our daily lives to balance, energize and empower. We will learn how to diagnose disharmony, disconnection and blockage in the chakras, with many practical techniques to clear and connect these important energy centers for healing of body, mind, spirit and beyond.

Each week we will share our questions and realizations. Together we will open new avenues of self-inquiry in a supportive environment of mutual respect, curiosity and loving kindness. We find this intimate group dynamic of sharing and growing together to be a joyful, powerful and unforgettable experience that will continue to support us all for years to come. Cost for the series is $89..

This series starts Wednesday, May 4th at 7:30pm and continues for four consecutive Wednesdays. We hope you can join us.

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Kundalini Yoga & Your Hormones

Kundalini yoga is beloved by the holistic medicine field for its benefits to the whole body. It has the ability to target multiple organ systems at once. I hope this essay will bring clarity to how Kundalini yoga kriyas can revitalize and balance the body for greater wellness.” —- Amanda Sobreyra

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